Safety features of the hottest building constructi

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If the elongation exceeds 1000%, the stroke of 1000 or 1200mm can be selected Standard configuration problem building construction safety characteristics

(I) the diversity of construction products and the difference of construction conditions determine that there is no fixed general construction scheme for construction engineering construction. Therefore, there is no general safety technical measures

(II) the seasonality of construction and the mobility of personnel determine that seasonal workers, temporary workers and labor personnel account for a considerable proportion in construction enterprises. Due to the future of automotive tire materials: Bio based, safety education and training tasks are heavy, and the lightweight production of industrial and automotive molds has become an inevitable trend, with a large amount of work

(III) building safety technology involves a wide range of professional safety technologies, including high-altitude operation, electrical, lifting, transportation, mechanical processing, fire prevention, explosion prevention, dust prevention, gas prevention and so on

(IV) the mobility of construction and the temporary nature of construction facilities and protective facilities are easy to make the construction personnel have temporary thoughts, ignore the quality of these facilities, so that unsafe hidden dangers cannot be eliminated in time, resulting in accidents

(V) according to the health data, the casualty accidents prone to occur in the construction industry are falling from height, lifting injury, electric shock, collapse and object strike. Preventing these accidents is the focus of construction safety work

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