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Safety management measures for major hazard source list

1 We should strictly follow the provisions of the design and construction plan and stop our homework

2. The sequence and style of earth excavation must be different from the design conditions, and the criterion of "slotting support, support first and then excavation, layered excavation, and no over excavation" must be observed

3. In the process of earthwork excavation of foundation pit groove and pipe trench, the deformation of foundation pit shall be monitored based on the design requirements or standard requirements

4. Drainage ditches should be set in the air around the foundation pit gap, and drainage methods should be adopted for the top, slope and toe of the slope

5. It is strictly forbidden to overload the foundation pit

6. During the excavation of foundation pit, it is necessary to prevent collision with the supporting layout and engineering piles; Attention should be paid to the changing environment of the soil wall at any time. If cracks and other abnormal scenes are found, the construction must be suspended

7. When excavating earth, if there are unidentifiable objects or unforeseen environment, the operation shall be stopped in time and the subordinate handling shall be stated

8. For underwater work, strictly check the grounding or neutral connection of electrical appliances and the discharge protection switch. The cable should be intact and wear protective equipment

9. For the unstable or unstable slope after earth rock excavation, the top-down, section hopping and timely support reverse method or partial reverse method construction shall be adopted according to the geological characteristics of the slope and the crushing environment that can be generated. Disorderly excavation and blasting are strictly prohibited

10. When lifting the soil manually, check whether the things, ropes and hooks are solid, and there shall be no person below when lifting

11. You must wear a safety helmet when working in a foundation pit or deep well

12. A 1.5m high protective fence must be set around the foundation pit, and the distance between the protective fence and the foundation pit is much more than 1m

2. Deep foundation pit

1. Entering the construction site must follow the Enron operating procedures and the ten laws of Enron production

2. Strictly implement the construction organization design and Enron technical measures, and do not go around without permission

3. Before foundation pit excavation, you should first check the geology and hydrology of the body, hear that these roads, surrounding buildings, and Yi People's houses are all manually built in the UK, and make a good record. During the excavation process, you often change the environment indecently, and if you find abnormalities, you should immediately adopt emergency measures

4. Before homework, it is necessary to thoroughly check whether the mechanical and electrical equipment of excavation are suitable for the requirements of safety. It is strictly forbidden to operate with diseases. Whether the methods of drainage, precipitation and water collection on the site of foundation pit are implemented

5. In the homework, the principle of excavating layer by layer from top to bottom should be adhered to, first slope, first support, and then excavation. It is not allowed to damage the slope or collide with the supporting fragments or retaining piles to prevent collapse. It is not allowed to over excavate before support

6. It is strictly forbidden to pile soil and data equipment under overload around the foundation pit, and it is not allowed to set up rights and take measures for construction camps

7. The submersible pump for foundation pit pumping and the power supply wire should be well insulated, accurately wired, suitable for the three-phase five wire system and the requirements of one machine, one switch, one leakage and one box. When pumping water, the homework staff in the pit should go to the air above its vitrification temperature. No one is allowed to work while pumping water in the pit. When moving the pump, the switch must be turned off first to block the power supply

8. When transporting soil by truck and shoveling soil by loader, someone should give instructions, follow the on-site traffic signs and instructions, and it is strictly prohibited to walk and carry vehicles around the foundation pit

9. In the process of foundation pit excavation, the anchor bolt shall be pulled and fixed together in time according to the design requirements

10. After the foundation pit is excavated to the design elevation, the pit bottom should be fully closed in time, and the fluctuation of the timely stop frequency should not exceed ± 2% of the rated frequency; Stop the fundamental construction and prevent the foundation pit from being revealed for too long

11. Sufficient lighting should be provided for night work, and safe voltage below 36V should be adopted in the foundation pit

12. the homework staff must go up and down the foundation pit along the inclined channel

3. Artificial drilling

1 Entering the construction site must follow the Enron operation procedures and the Enron production rules, and the special homework staff must work with certificates

2. In the process of digging holes, observe whether the retaining wall has cracks and deformation at any time. If any abnormality is found, report it in time and adopt reinforcement methods to prevent collapse (unauthorized disposal is strictly prohibited)

3. The operating staff on the well surface must keep alert at all times, especially when doing homework in the hole, they must not leave the sentry box without permission, and must seriously observe all static situations in the hole, keep in touch with the Kongmen, and deal with them in time if they find the results

4. The protective wall of the orifice must be 20 ~ 30cm higher than the original air. When there is no construction, the wellhead must be covered with a cover plate to prevent debris or staff from falling into the hole. The cover plate is made of 50mm wood board and covered on the hole

5. Carved railings shall be set around the orifice, and the height of the carved railings shall not be less than 1.2m. Warning lights shall be hung at night

6. In any environment, the lifting equipment shall not be overloaded. The lifting cage used by staff for going up and down shall be specially formulated and implemented. The additional number of people shall be marked and strictly followed, and it shall be checked, repaired and maintained frequently

7. When using the bench and lever, the rope on the winch drum shall not be twisted or broken, and the remaining rope on the drum shall not be less than 4 turns after all the ropes are released

8. A soft palm rope with a diameter of 25mm is set from the wellhead to the bottom of the well, which is increased with the depth for the emergency exit of the staff of the hole internal skill section

9. A semicircular steel plate cover should be set within 3M below the wellhead from the bottom of the well (adjusted with the digging hole ruler). When the borrow bucket moves up and down, the workers in the hole work under the cover

10. It is not allowed to pile soil around the orifice, and it is not allowed to place operating things on the top of the concrete retainer to prevent falling and hurting people

11. The air pick pipe, ventilation pipe, pumping pipe, power line, etc. used for work in the well must be properly cleared and firm, and should be laid along the shaft wall to prevent falling and hurting people

12. When the slag drum goes up and down, it must be aligned with the middle of the hole, the hook is secure, and the bolt of the drum must be in place. Steel wire shall be added to bind the cylinder and hook stably to prevent decoupling in case of collision

13. When the orifice is large, the lifting frame should be installed on a good wood board with a width of 30cm and a thickness of 8cm. The wood board is stable, and both ends are firmly anchored with steel bars anchored into the concrete retainer. Palladium nails and fine steel wires are used between the lifting frame and the wood board to ensure stability

14. The lower hole staff must get down from the ladder and fasten the safety belt

15. Three phase five wire system, three-level power distribution and two-level shelter must be adopted for power consumption at the construction site. All equipment must be equipped with a stop device according to one machine, one switch and one discharge shelter

16. The cables on the construction site should be overhead, no less than 2m away from the air. Close the experimental gear box, and it is strictly forbidden to drag the ground and bury it in the soil

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