Safety management measures for winter construction

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Safety management measures for winter construction of the project

I. purpose of preparation:

winter is coming, the weather is getting colder, and the rainy and snowy weather will cause great difficulties for the construction of the project under construction. In order to implement the idea of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", ensure the safety and health of construction personnel and construction safety, ensure the safe and smooth progress of our subsequent construction projects, and ensure the realization of the safety and quality objectives of the engineering department. This measure is specially prepared to guide construction and standardize construction behavior to ensure construction safety

II. Scope of application:

construction project department, material station, car team, construction team and labor team of Baoji Second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

III. applicable period:

from the date of implementation of this measure to the end of March 10, 2015, all departments of the engineering department and the project department must strictly follow this measure in their construction activities

IV. compilation basis:

1. Regulations on safety, health and environmental management of electric power construction implementation of recycled plastic bags by State Power Corporation 20

2. Safety work procedures for electric power construction (Part 2: overhead power lines) (DL 5009)

3. Winter construction procedures for construction projects jcj

4. Code for construction and acceptance of 110 ~ 500kV overhead power transmission lines gb

v Winter safety construction emergency prevention leading group and responsibilities:

1. Leading group organization:

team leader: Dong Zhide

deputy team leader: Xu Wen, Wang Lianglun

members: Tang Daixing, Fu Hongxing, Han Jingchao, Du Guifang, Wang Bing, Wang Kang,

2. Responsibilities of main members of winter construction safety emergency prevention leading group:

1) team leader responsibilities: the first person for winter construction safety in the Department; Responsible group 10 Establish the organization of the emergency plan for winter construction safety of the headquarters of bearing wear testing machine and maintain its normal operation; Be responsible for implementing and implementing national guidelines, policies, laws and regulations related to safe construction and relevant regulations of the superior; Be responsible for and preside over the investigation and aftermath treatment of winter construction safety accidents; Be responsible for and organize the main personnel of the leading group to conduct a major safety inspection of winter construction, and eliminate potential safety hazards in time

2) responsibilities of the deputy team leader: be responsible for the leader of the leading group in work; Perform the duties of the leader of the leading group when the leading group is absent or out; Organize and implement the daily inspection and patrol work of the safety leading group; Organize the preparation of winter construction safety measures, and be responsible for the education and publicity of winter construction safety

3) member responsibilities:

directly under the leadership of and responsible for the deputy leader of the winter construction safety leading group; Be responsible for the education and publicity of winter construction safety for the construction personnel to input the analyzed data information into the platform transaction management system; Be responsible for the daily inspection and on-site supervision of the construction site, and eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents in time; Supervise and urge the rectification of the identified potential safety hazards according to the principle of "three determinations"; Be responsible for organizing the construction personnel to study and implement the documents and notices of the superior on safe construction

VI. construction safety measures:

1. Safe construction objectives in winter:

① eliminate minor personal injuries and accidents above

② no general construction machinery and equipment accidents

③ no general fire accidents

④ no major traffic accidents

⑤ no tower collapse accident

⑥ no High-altitude Falling casualties

⑦ no gas poisoning accident

⑧ no electric shock casualties

⑨ no frostbite accident of construction personnel

2. Conscientiously implement and study the national laws, regulations, rules and regulations related to safety and the safety documents issued by the company; Conscientiously implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment", strive to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, put an end to illegal operations, and organize construction on the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees

3. Establish and improve the safety system, and implement the safety system to people. The director of the engineering department is the first safety person of the Department, and the project manager is the first safety person of the construction project. He is fully responsible for safety within the scope of the project; The section chief of each administrative functional department is the first safety person in the undergraduate department, and takes full responsibility for safety within the scope of the Department; The construction team leader is the first safety person of the construction team and takes full responsibility for safety within the scope of the construction team. The full-time safety officer of the project department, the first safety person of each department and the construction team are directly responsible to the project manager in terms of safety, and the part-time safety officer of the construction team is responsible to the construction team leader in terms of safety. Ensure that there is a division of labor for safety work and everyone has responsibilities

4. Strengthen safety education and safety learning. Each construction project department and construction team should organize weekly "safety activity day" with the help of this transaction. Safety activities should be content, recorded, purposeful, and organized in various forms to improve the safety awareness of employees, enhance the safety concept, and improve their self-protection ability

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