Safety management and application of ERP software

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With the intensification of market competition, more and more enterprises are aware of the importance of internal management, and gradually turn to management to obtain benefits from the traditional concept that these precision values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5 from the market. In this case, ERP management software has been valued and applied by more and more enterprises. However, due to the application of ERP management software, this part of the first step enterprises are facing new difficulties, the most important of which is the information security of ERP management software

erp management software stores all the information of the enterprise, including sensitive customer information and patent formula for survival. It can be said that the essence of ERP management software is the virtual mapping of an entity enterprise in the software. ERP management software can reflect an enterprise's organizational structure, management philosophy, customer resources, human resources composition, enterprise capacity, sales channels, partners, competitors and other aspects of information. All this information is stored in one or several computers in the network. All computers that can access the network may access this information

in this case, information security, as a new thing, inevitably becomes the key management goal of enterprises. The following is divided into three aspects to elaborate the importance and solutions of enterprise information security management

software security

at present, in computers using ERP software, the main software includes: operating system, database, ERP software, office software

● database security

currently, the popular databases in the market mainly include Oracle, Sybase, DB2, sqlserver, mysql, etc. There are differences in the performance and price of various databases, and there are also some differences in data security

in the past, some software used very low-end databases. When the amount of data reached a certain level, data crashed, resulting in the loss of all business data, which is an incalculable loss for users. There are also some software that can easily view data information by using the database displayed in clear text

● safety of ERP software

the choice of ERP software should be determined according to the actual situation of the enterprise. If the location is single, c/s architecture software can be considered; If the locations are scattered in different countries and regions, b/s architecture software can be considered

in the process of ERP software procurement, a very important point is to evaluate the vitality and industry of software providers to prevent the bankruptcy of suppliers from bringing about the end of follow-up services. The service of ERP manufacturers is an important part of ERP software security. Products need to carry out fatigue test upgrading of materials under alternating load, and professional consultants are important resources to ensure the safe operation of software

at present, ERP software in the form of leasing has emerged in the world. The supplier provides the server and software, and the customer saves his own data on the server provided by the service provider, while removing the fragments of the test piece. This requires an understanding of the security capabilities and database throughput capabilities of suppliers

in addition, because ERP software contains all the information of the enterprise, it should make a detailed division of permissions for all operators who log in to the system to ensure the scope of data sharing and rejection

management security

safety measures in management. Many enterprises have spent a lot of money to purchase hardware and software, but information security has not achieved the expected goal, which is the problem of management. For information security, we should formulate a perfect management system to ensure that everyone has security awareness, such as password management, handover management, network management, storage management

to sum up, the safety of enterprise informatization is the integration of software, hardware and personnel, and none of them is indispensable. The so-called "magic is a foot high, the road is a foot high". Information security is a long way to eliminate power problems, and there is no end. All personnel of the enterprise are required to be vigilant at all times. (end)

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