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Is the tide of rising prices coming again? Several companies issued price adjustment notices

"after repeated research, we decided to increase the price of our products by 30%. Of course, our sales volume will not decline because of the price rise." Zhang Bing of Shenzhen chuangxiang optoelectronics Co., Ltd. announced that although the price is rising, the product quality and service of chuangxiang optoelectronics will be greatly improved

not easy to damage Shenzhen chuangxiang optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "chuangxiang optoelectronics") is a leading LED R & D manufacturer in the world; It is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales and service of Japanese materials and materials research institutions, which recently issued a communique saying that it is an integrated business

since the beginning of 2017, the price of raw materials in the LED industry has been rising as expected by industry insiders. According to the analysis of industry insiders, the price of raw materials such as PCB will continue to rise after the two sessions

at the beginning of July, Shandong Jinbao, Jiantao, Mingkang, wilbon, Jin'an Guoji and other companies successively issued price increase notices for copper foil, copper clad laminate and so on. The price increase was RMB per ton for copper foil, RMB 10 per sheet for paperboard, RMB 5 per sheet for insulating glass fiber CCL and RMB 5 per sheet for sheet material

at the end of July, Fujian MuLinSen lighting, Dongcheng Hongye, Morgan electronics, hailedan electronics and other PCB enterprises issued a notice of PCB price increase, with an increase of almost 10%

China Finance reported that the price of raw materials rose last week, and LME aluminum and copper prices, plastic price index and steel price index increased by different ranges compared with the previous week. In early August, a number of LED supporting enterprises issued a new round of "price increase notice". Affected by this, the prices of small spacing and LED lighting products may also be adjusted to varying degrees in the near future

in recent years, with the deepening of supply side structural reform, the prices of steel, aluminum, copper, polyester fiber, aramid, flame retardant materials, coal, base paper, especially packaging paper, have been rising in China. According to Zhang Bing's analysis, "this price rise will directly affect the corresponding industrial chain products. The rise in the price of raw materials, coupled with the rise in human costs, does have a certain pressure on enterprises. This wave of raw material price rises has caused the production costs of enterprises to soar, which is unbearable. The situation of advanced multi card combined technology is grim. In addition, close to the end of the year, capital turnover is particularly difficult, which brings great pressure to the transformation of enterprises."

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