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Prices have risen tenthousand times, and this country can't even import paper for printing money...

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core tip: according to the latest news, Venezuela will have an inflation rate of% by the end of this year, that is, prices have risen tenthousand times a year. The commodity is still this commodity, and the money has become too worthless. A commodity worth five yuan at the end of last year will cost 50000 yuan at the end of this year

[China Packaging News] according to the latest news, Venezuela's inflation rate will reach% by the end of this year, that is, prices have risen 10000 times a year. The commodity is still this commodity, and the money has become too worthless. A commodity worth five yuan at the end of last year will cost 50000 yuan at the end of this year

this has refreshed the history of human inflation. I'm afraid that few countries will have such vicious inflation in the future

imf: Venezuela, as a once very rich oil producer, was facing a crisis with 10000 times inflation at the end of the year. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) updated its economic forecast for Latin America on the 23rd, predicting that Venezuela's inflation will reach the level of "tenthousand times the annual increase" by the end of this year, dragging down the overall performance of Latin America

Werner, director of IMF Western Hemisphere Affairs, said in a statement on the same day: "we expect Venezuela's inflation rate to soar to% by the end of 2018, showing that its economic situation is similar to that of Germany in 1923 or Zimbabwe around 2008."

imf predicts that Venezuela's economy will shrink by 18% this year, which will be the third consecutive year of "double-digit recession" in this country, further increasing by 3 percentage points compared with the contraction predicted in May

Venezuela's economy is facing collapse

Verna, director of Western Hemisphere Affairs of IMF, said that the main reason for Venezuela's economic recession is the continuous decline in oil production, and the other reason is that the government borrows money to finance, leading to the deterioration of inflation

as one of the countries with the largest crude oil reserves in the world, Venezuela relies on oil exports for more than 90% of its fiscal revenue. The government led by President Maduro accused the foreign forces led by the United States of colluding with the domestic opposition to launch an "economic war", and the opposition accused Maduro of improper governance, leading to soaring prices and shortages of food and drugs

1. There used to be many fat people on the street, but now they are all thin people

now Venezuela is in hunger and can't eat enough because of food shortages and extremely expensive prices

under the torture of hunger, the fat people in the past became thinner, and the thin people became thinner. The streets used to be full of paunchy people, but now they are all yellow faced people

2. The paper money used to buy a roll of toilet paper is larger than toilet paper

it's really funny. Money is not as good as toilet paper. If it's not because money is poisonous, it's better to wipe your ass with money

the real situation now is that everyone pushes their carts to the store for shopping, but because of the shortage of goods, the shopping cart is not filled with goods, but with paper money for shopping. If you go to the bathroom and happen to have no paper towels on you, the money you use to buy paper towels is larger than the size of paper towels by the end of 2015, which is really exaggerated

3. This country has no money to import paper for banknote printing

because Venezuela prints too much banknotes, which eventually leads to an excessive amount of special paper and requires a large number of imports from abroad

however, due to the excessive printing of banknotes, Venezuela has no money to import paper to print banknotes, and the cost of paper has exceeded the face value of banknotes

4. A civil servant's monthly salary is only enough to buy a kilogram of pork

a civil servant's salary is about 5.9 million Bolivar, equivalent to 500 yuan, but this is only the price of a kilogram of pork

reasons for the economic collapse

Venezuela's poor people, economic collapse and hyperinflation are mainly due to the following reasons:

1. In the oil boom cycle, the whole country fell into extravagance and waste, and the high welfare brought the laziness and lack of progress of the whole people

2. Excessive dependence on oil, prosperity and loss for all, as soon as the oil foam bursts, the country will go to hell

3. The economic blockade and economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela made things worse

4. Continuous economic blockades and sanctions have led to negative economic growth in Venezuela for two consecutive years

5. In order to solve the economic problem, they continuously increased their horsepower to print money

the governments of many countries really have a shallow understanding of money. They really think that printing more money will make money. They don't know that the essence of money requires real wealth. In addition, its use temperature range is wider and it is not easy to fall off paint. There is no real wealth correspondence, and increasing the printing of money will lead to high inflation and lower government credit. This is the injury of inflation

Of course, China has also lent tens of billions of dollars to Venezuela. Fortunately, this country is rich in oil and can use oil to repay the loan, so the risk is small

similarly, a person can't waste when the economy is good, because life is round. When hard times come, if there is no surplus food, people will be short-lived if they are poor

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