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Methyl methacrylate prices rose in Asia

due to planned maintenance and accidental shutdown of regional units, the supply of methyl methacrylate (MMA) in Asia was tight, which prompted the spot price to rise while the demand was still strong

a MMA manufacturer in Northeast Asia said, "the supply is very tight. We are also buying MMA ourselves. There is not much spot supply now."

one manufacturer said, "the asking price of bulk spot goods has increased by about 6% over the beginning of February, reaching 1900 US dollars/ton (1387 euros/ton, Southeast Asia cost plus shipping, the company's technicians will introduce you to the purchase and measurement precautions of pressure testing machines), which may not be enough."

regional manufacturers said that the frozen storage tank cargo wanted to sell for us dollars/ton (cost and freight in Southeast Asia), which was higher than US $1850/ton (cost and freight) in early February

he also said: "in recent days, the demand for MMA in the polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) industry has also brought great confidence to extruder enterprises. We thought that after the Chinese Spring Festival, the demand for PMMA would decrease, but it did not, which means that there is more pressure on the supply of MMA."

at present, several sets of MMA devices are under regular maintenance, resulting in few supplies

Sumitomo closed the 90000 ton/year MMA production line 3 in Singapore in March as a one month overhaul. Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation (MRC) shut down the 90000 ton/year unit in Huizhou, China, on March 10 as a 40 day regular overhaul

Lucite Singapore and Kaohsiung monomer company in Taiwan, China (both subsidiaries of MRC) will shut down the plant for a week at the end of March

due to the insufficient supply of raw material tert butyl alcohol, Asahi plans to shut down the 100000 ton/year MMA plant in Kawasaki, Japan, from March 19, which will further tighten the supply of the market

the 90000 T/a MMA unit in matabao, Thailand, could have slightly alleviated the supply situation in the first quarter, but the start-up of this unit was postponed to the second quarter

pmma industry is the main end-user of MMA. Due to the booming sales of flat-panel TVs worldwide (mainly in terms of LCD on power switch and foaming diode) and the recovery of Asian automobile production, its demand for MMA is very strong

therefore, the price of GM PMMA has increased by% over the previous month, reaching USD/ton (China CFR) this week, higher than USD/ton (China CFR) in mid February

according to the manufacturer's estimation, the production of PMMA accounts for about 47% of the demand for nearly 1.3 million tons of MMA

large MMA buyers in Southeast Asia mainly produce acrylic injection molding plates. These buyers admit that tight supply is driving up prices. But they said that due to the fierce market competition, it is becoming more and more difficult to pass on the increased costs to users

insiders said that the tight supply of MMA is likely to continue until May

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