The hottest price stalemate will survive the off-s

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In July, the overall paper market continued to maintain the characteristics of the off-season. The rise time has not yet come, and the fall is also lack of momentum. Because demand is flat, the industry is predicting the waiting time window, coated paper continues to be weak, double offset paper transactions have weakened, and white card transactions are flat, The demand for corrugated box board packaging paper is still weak, and household paper remains weak and stable. Although there is undercurrent of price reduction competition in the paper trade market, the paper mill price adheres to maintain stability, and the overall market does not have much turbulence. However, because of the continuous freeze of this stalemate pattern, the market operation in the second half of the year will become more difficult

in the first half of the year, the pulp price showed a sharp decline and bottomed out. The overall spot pulp price fell by about 700/ton. Due to the gentle release of new production capacity, cultural paper and white paperboard reversed the small push up pattern of monthly rising slightly, and basically achieved the level of rising/ton compared with the low point before the Spring Festival. From the perspective of the gross profit margin of several major paper mills, they all increased significantly, especially white paperboard, The gross profit margin has increased from -5% at the beginning of the year to 20%, which shows that the current profitability of the paper mill has been restored to a certain extent. However, corrugated box board packaging paper, the leader in the previous two years, no longer formed a contrast, and the price competition continued to be white hot, but formed a business change of volume reduction, price reduction and benefit decline

under the guidance of coniferous pulp, the spot market of pulp rebounded in the middle of the month, but soon fell back to the original point again. The end of the month of broad-leaved pulp has approached the 4000/ton mark, and coniferous pulp has stuck around 4600/ton. The spot price of broad-leaved and coniferous pulp has formed a 500/ton price difference. Whether the pulp price can promote the rise of paper price after August will be a big attraction. The price fluctuation of broad-leaved pulp is worthy of attention, and it is expected that there will be a wave of rebound. 8 The specimen with large experimental force generally adopts inclined clamping structure, and the clamping force increases with the increase of experimental force; Make. Under the background of continuous reduction of waste paper imports, waste paper prices still maintain a weak decline pattern. It seems that there is an invisible force regulating prices. Various signs predict that there will be periodic opportunities for the minimum monthly starting sales rate of 10000 yuan, and the market activity will increase, but is the profit of the paper trade channel still very large

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