The hottest price war is not the way to win. How c

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Price war is not the way to win. How can door and window profile enterprises avoid being out

in the door and window profile market, price chaos has always been a vicious disease that puzzles enterprises and consumers. Under the chaotic environment of market competition, vicious competition is constantly performed, and the price war has become the only raising horse of enterprises. The production and quality stimulated by the price war and the after-sales services are not in place are also emerging one after another. For the wholesale enterprises of door and window profiles, the fairness of price control is very important

there are hidden worries about excessive price competition after 3 and 14 days of cultivation

under the situation of increasingly fierce market competition, the price war has intensified. "Bargain fair" once became a hot promotional tool in the door and window market. Of course, some businesses can become the beneficiaries of the price war, which can make their products achieve small profits and quick turnover in a short time. In fact, excessive price competition is extremely unlucky for the continuation and healthy growth of all industries

some industrialists said without any whitewash: "fighting a price war is really overdrawing marketing and selling blood." The core competitiveness of door and window brands should be production quality and business services, but in the environment of shopping among businesses, it can lead to businesses unable to make profits in the sales process after all. In the long run, it will not only damage its general brand, but also unlucky for the growth of the industry as a whole. However, the cost affects profits, which is very important for enterprises. It is more reasonable to set the cost according to the actual environment of enterprises

the impact of cost on terminal sales

in the 4P combination of marketing, as long as the "cost" is OK, Jinan trial will provide you with a detailed information today, which may lead to expenses. If the correct method of protection and maintenance of door and window enterprises is to achieve differentiation, they can strive to improve the price. At the same time, enterprises should also consider the impact of cost on sales and seek the highest profit. Setting the price is very important. For many door and window enterprises, on the premise of stable sales volume, the profit will fall many times for every 1% increase in the price of their products. This requires enterprises to accurately defend the quotation and the actual cost. In the market with many discounts, there are almost no consumers to shop according to the quotation. It will be difficult for enterprises to make profits from customers who are eager to collect all kinds of coupons and preferential services. Therefore, setting a fair price is of primary importance to enterprises

some enterprises choose to "add a 'mark up' to the estimated cost". This kind of pricing method is based on cost and is the most commonly used method. Other enterprises choose the "value based pricing method", that is, "budget the maximum amount that consumers are willing to pay for this product or service", and take the price slightly lower than this amount as the pricing price. In this kind of environment, the lower the cost, the more profitable the enterprise is. Some marketing staff will suggest that the company "package the products with other benefits and incentives", such as launching incompatible packaging combinations for consumers to choose, which is also a good way to improve profits

looking at some successful enterprises, we can see that most of them are differentiated in products and services, and make "product lines" for consumers to choose from. If you promise to be part of their beauty, you will not lose customers, but also make money

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