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Avian group, an Australian granulator manufacturer, recently announced that in order to further test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials for Jinan experimental machine, double column tensile testing machine, and expand the North American market, the company plans to build a production plant in Chicago, the United States, and plans to move its headquarters here

according to CEO Mark Miao, the new plant covers a total area of 60000 square feet and will be officially put into operation in July and August this year. It is an upstream and downstream service enterprise with different roles and surrounding services in the industry. At that time, the plant will be oriented to North and South American customers, responsible for the production and sales of granulators, pulverizers and mills

at present, avian has production bases in Australia and Shanghai, China. The company said that with the rising cost of labor production in the Chinese market, their cost advantage in the region is gradually losing. To this end, they must find another way out and open up new markets. Ensure the safety of operators and equipment; Chicago meets their strategic needs in all aspects

at the same time, CEO Mark Miao also revealed that the company will take its second-generation ultra heavy pipe crusher to the upcoming 2014 Chinaplas. After two years of development, the machine was put into production at the beginning of this year and can crush pipes with a diameter of 118 inches. Compared with avian's first generation pipe crusher, the output of this machine is doubled and energy saving is 30%

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