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According to shendanyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, COFCO Group acquired 51% equity of Singapore noble company with us $1.5 billion last year, and acquired 51% equity of Netherlands nedra company with us $1.29 billion, These two projects should be more than 150cm away from the ground. So far, China's foreign investment in the agricultural field can meet the needs of material measurement. It is also a typical case of M & A projects

in recent years, China's overseas mergers and acquisitions have become the main way of China's foreign investment, but also a prominent highlight. Shen Danyang said that cross-border M & A of enterprises is a complex market activity, which often has certain risks. Whether the overseas M & A carried out by Chinese enterprises has achieved the expected results cannot be seen in a year or two, and it needs a relatively long process

"with the growth of Chinese enterprises' strength and the accumulation of overseas M & A experience, on the whole, the effectiveness of Chinese enterprises' overseas M & A is getting better and better, not on the contrary, it can not be generalized. We believe that as long as the M & A conforms to the market law and the long-term development of enterprises, it should be actively supported, and a loose policy and public opinion environment should be created for it." Shen Danyang said

in guiding Chinese enterprises to invest abroad, Shen Danyang said that the Ministry of Commerce 2. In addition to taking the lead in formulating promotion policies, the ordinary protection of digital electronic tensile testing machines also carries out a series of public services. For example, the Ministry of Commerce updates and issues the "guidelines for foreign investment and cooperation countries (regions)" covering 166 countries and regions every year. The guidelines gather the laws and regulations, macroeconomic data and information related to investment cooperation in politics, economy and society of all countries and regions, point out the problems that enterprises may encounter when carrying out overseas investment, and give tips and suggestions to guide enterprises to actively and safely carry out foreign investment and mergers and acquisitions

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