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The overseas achievements are brilliant, and the the Belt and Road strategy of Lingong is on the international stage

overseas achievements are brilliant, and the the Belt and Road strategy of Lingong is on the international stage

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in 2018, the strategic blueprint of the the Belt and Road has become increasingly mature, and the construction machinery industry will usher in a new round of explosive points. For this major international opportunity, I believe no one wants to miss this "feast"

if facing the wind, fly. In the great wave of the the Belt and Road, countless Chinese construction machinery enterprises have gone abroad and entered the global market. The outstanding one is Shandong Lingong. With years of operation and development, Lingong, a "giant ship", is sailing to the other side of the world

for the strategic layout of the the Belt and Road, Shandong Lingong can be said to prepare for a rainy day and make a great impact. Since 2009, Shandong Lingong has been one of the three major exporters of construction machinery in China, and its export sales have ranked first in the industry for many consecutive years. From competing in Southeast Asia to Latin America, to the high-end market in North America. A modern version of the expansion map of "rural encircling the city" is being staged. Channel is king, brand driven, quality and service win. The strategic layout of three points and one line makes temporary workers proud of overseas

adapt measures to local conditions and develop overseas localization

the first step in expanding overseas markets is channel construction, and localized production and sales are the top priority

from Brazil and other overseas factories, overseas mergers and acquisitions, overseas trade, and then to agent sales. Shandong Lingong now has several production bases, dozens of marketing service offices and nearly 100 first-class distribution channels around the world, and its product export trade volume continues to lead the industry. Among them, the market sales in countries along the "the Belt and Road" increased by 60% in 2016. The products have been successfully sold to mainstream markets such as the European Union

in March, 2018, at the Argentine agricultural machinery exhibition Expo Expo, for Argentina and the entire Latin American market, Lingong released its new product backhoe loader b876f, marking the official landing of Lingong backhoe loader in the Latin American market. In June 2017, the 1000th excavator produced by Shandong Lingong Brazil factory was ceremoniously rolled off the production line, which became another important milestone of Lingong's overseas strategy. It realizes the successful transformation of temporary work from simple output products to output technology, so the control performance is higher and the standard is higher. It has further enhanced the ability of China's construction machinery industry to occupy the global value chain of high-end manufacturing. In order to better explore the local market, we have achieved considerable breakthroughs

Shandong Lingong products appeared at the agricultural machinery exhibition in Argentina

in April 2018, the first Shandong Lingong dealer in western Texas and southwestern New Mexico was established, marking another addition to Shandong Lingong's sales network in North America. Further realize the increment of products with regional market advantages. At present, in addition to the 28 countries in the European Union, 80 countries have temporary dealers, with sales networks in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other regions

increasingly perfect overseas channel layout and overseas localization development strategy. Shandong Lingong brand has achieved the full coverage of the "the Belt and Road", and is undergoing magnificent evolution in the process of internationalization

localized services radiate overseas markets

due to the differences in overseas markets in different regions, overseas service quality has always been a difficult barrier for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to overcome. In this regard, Shandong Lingong took the post market service as a pioneer in the early stage of entering the overseas market. At present, Shandong Lingong not only has a production base in Brazil, but also has four training centers in Russia, Dubai, Brazil, Singapore and other places, and three parts center libraries in India, Brazil and Dubai. It also implements global unified standard service training to solve users' worries in a timely and effective manner. It is also a strong guarantee for the future overseas development of temporary workers. Adhering to the concept of "service first", Shandong Lingong provides perfect services for product export and strives to improve the satisfaction of overseas customers

it is Shandong Lingong's unswerving strategic vision to show global exhibitions, create overseas competitive advantages and shape international brand value. In order to improve the popularity and influence of Shan's brand since 2015. Shantui actively "shows" many international exhibitions in countries along the the Belt and Road. The excellent quality and elegant demeanor have accelerated the international development pace of temporary construction in one fell swoop

in 2013, Shandong Lingong took the opportunity of participating in international exhibitions to continue to build brand image and expand brand awareness in mature markets. From Russia CTT exhibition, Munich BMW exhibition, Germany BMW exhibition, South Africa BMW exhibition, Indonesia exhibition, to Argentina agricultural machinery exhibition, Shandong Lingong is making every effort to enter the international mainstream market with the axis of stabilizing the emerging overseas market. Shandong Lingong's international status and brand awareness are significantly improving

only those who win the hearts of the people can win the world. In overseas markets, especially in European and American high-end markets, the "soft power" closely related to social sense is becoming an important indicator to measure an enterprise. Shandong Lingong, as the representative of China's construction machinery industry, has actively performed the society by carrying out the service inspection activities of the Belt and Road Lingong bank customer service care month, sponsoring the Asian Champions League, and holding the selection activities of "Chinese good drivers" and "overseas good drivers". Multi dimensional three-dimensional shape the professional image of overseas service brands, enhance the reputation and influence of international brands, and further promote the overall brand strategy of temporary construction to a new height

high end innovative products, seize the European and American markets

Shandong Lingong grader excellent performance Yang Wei Malaysia

since the beginning of 2006, Shandong Lingong has married Volvo, opening a new era of international development. Absorbing Volvo's advanced management mode and technical advantages, Shandong Lingong's products inherit Volvo's genes of high quality and excellence. With strong technology research and development, production and manufacturing capacity, relying on the characteristics of different working conditions and product strategic layout of overseas countries, in recent years, a variety of star products that meet the overseas market have begun to emerge

for example, the l959f environmental friendly loader developed for the European and American markets matches the four-stage emission requirements of North America, fully meets the high-power and miniaturized construction needs of North American users, and is more attractive to customers than other small products. It is another masterpiece for temporary workers to enter the North American market

it is the inborn gene of Shandong Lingong to dare to fight and innovate. Striding on the brilliant road of "building an international temporary construction project and creating a reliable brand", the the Belt and Road international stage is playing a role in the continuous improvement of the concentration of China's construction machinery industry; Enterprises with strong R & D strength and high technical level rapidly expand their brand, which is the strongest voice of global development

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