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Overseas large orders draw Zoomlion's "high growth curve"

overseas large orders draw Zoomlion's "high growth curve"

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overseas markets are becoming a new growth point of China's equipment manufacturing industry. On March 13, 50 qy75v wheel cranes set out from Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park to reliance group in India. This batch of products with a total value of nearly 80million yuan is not only another example for Zoomlion to expand the international market, but also draws a "high growth curve" for Zoomlion and even the entire Chinese equipment manufacturing industry

Zoomlion overseas gold rush

"this is the result of Zoomlion fully carrying forward the 'craftsman spirit' and continuously increasing global resources. It can be configured by tightening the screws after padding." At the departure ceremony on the same day, panzhenyang, executive deputy general manager of Zoomlion overseas, made such comments

it is understood that during the bidding period of product procurement, reliance group made a comprehensive comparison with many of the world's top construction machinery and equipment manufacturers in terms of price, performance, service and other aspects. Finally, Zoomlion qy75v crane stands out with cutting-edge scientific research technology, customized adaptability and nanny style personal service

Su min, deputy general manager of Zoomlion crane company, introduced that "qy75v" is a truck crane specially developed for the lifting operation requirements of the South Asian market. It has passed the most rigorous driving and operation reliability assessment simulating the special operating conditions and operating environment in South Asia, and its reliability has reached the international advanced level. This model has a market share of more than 80% in India's 70 ton truck crane market

The excellent performance of qy75v wheel crane is only the tip of the iceberg for Zoomlion to expand its overseas market

according to him, this is the performance and responsibility of the governor for his party, country and people. Pan Zhenyang introduced that in recent years, Zoomlion has continued to increase global resource allocation and established sales and service platforms in 80 countries. Multi way data query function now, Zoomlion international "localization" includes: platform localization, personnel localization, business model localization, and some regions are still realizing financial localization

at the same time, with the support of strong R & D capabilities, Zoomlion's technical team has fully considered the working performance of products and the climatic conditions of various countries, and developed a number of marketable products favored by overseas customers

in North America, Zoomlion successfully won a large order of crane equipment of US $20million; In Pakistan, Zoomlion won a large order of 20 mixer trucks, setting a new record for China's direct export of mixer trucks to that country in recent years; In the Middle East (including Saudi Arabia), Zoomlion has achieved a year-on-year increase in operating revenue of more than 100% just after the first half of 2014

the "high growth curve" with the synchronization of quantity and quality

at the just concluded two sessions of the National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang once again emphasized the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" construction, and encouraged Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises such as construction machinery to go global

Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion and general manager of overseas companies, believes that the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy will bring new opportunities for many high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, including Zoomlion, to "go global" better and faster

in 2015, Zoomlion's overseas strategy will focus on "gathering, focusing and localization", that is, to gather resources from all aspects of the company, focus on overseas key markets and hot markets, and do a good job in the construction of three major systems of overseas localization after-sales service, logistics management and market management, and gather resources

various signs indicate that overseas businesses will "draw" a new "high growth curve" for Zoomlion

it is worth mentioning that this "high growth curve" is accompanied by the synchronous improvement of business quality

in the past year, facing various challenges of industry development, Zoomlion strictly controlled operational risks and adhered to the principle of quality growth. In order to maintain the business quality, Zoomlion even voluntarily gave up many orders

"looking back at our development in the period of rapid market expansion in the past 20 years, we have won a world-class battle with speed, capacity, service and high cost performance, and achieved today's market territory. The current new normal requires us to establish a 'extreme' thinking, pay more attention to the improvement and upgrading of business, constantly achieve the extreme of refined management, and achieve the extreme of technology, quality, cost and service."

Zhan Chunxin said, "in the new year, Zoomlion will continue to deepen internal reform, pay more attention to stimulating the creativity of each business unit, pay more attention to talent and motivation, build a high-speed train with its own power for each carriage, and create the flexibility and speed of large enterprises."

at present, the "going out" of equipment manufacturing industry has become a national strategy. In this year's government work, Premier Li Keqiang specially pointed out that "let Chinese enterprises go ahead and stay stable, and strengthen their muscles and bones and develop and grow in international competition"

the "the Belt and Road" strategy will enable Zoomlion and other equipment manufacturing enterprises to continue to travel southward and westward, becoming an important support for the infrastructure construction along the "the Belt and Road". From this point of view, the southbound move of 50 qy75v wheel cranes of Zoomlion is just the beginning, although it is at the right time. This is true for Zoomlion and China's equipment manufacturing industry

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