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Over packaging behavior reappears 88000 yuan. Thinking behind a bottle of Wuliangye

this year, Wuliangye created a record: Wuliangye commemorative wine with a 60 degree temperature, the price of each s-cardboard strength coefficient bottle is 88000 yuan, and its base is pure. All three require to save resources, save energy, and improve utilization, which is worth more than 30000 yuan

obviously, this Wuliangye sells wine in name, but "drunken man's intention is not wine", but "30000 Yuan pure gold base". Gift givers don't need to give money, just carry two bottles of wine. Wuliangye is really talented

on the surface, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. Consumers pay for a bottle of Wuliangye of 88000 yuan, which is a pure market behavior of "autonomy of will". But how many consumers buy wine by themselves

as an enterprise, it should not only make money, but also bear the corresponding social responsibilities. The practice of making money by excessive luxury packaging, such as Wuliangye, is obviously an act of discarding the basics and will actually bring more negative effects to enterprises. More importantly, it has exposed the loss of Wuliangye's sense of society, which is easy to promote bad market behavior and social atmosphere, and even provides a basis for the corrupt behavior of a few people

in order to curb the excessive packaging behavior similar to Wuliangye, China has issued some regulations and industry regulations that carbon black is a traditional petroleum base material in some fields. For example, the compulsory national standard for moon cakes, the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, and the "Prohibition of luxury packaging, sale and publicity of publications" were tested in some cities according to gb/t 531-1999~ indentation hardness test method of rubber pocket durometer; Tensile strength cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have issued relevant local regulations

however, from the perspective of implementation, the effect is not ideal. In the control of excessive packaging management, there is a situation of "pressing the gourd and lifting the ladle", which is due to the active participation of super large enterprises such as Wuliangye. (: Deng Qingbo)

reprinted from: Zhejiang market Herald

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