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Wang Juntao: "SARS" has brought us thinking about e-commerce. The sudden arrival of the disaster of SARS has indeed stimulated e-commerce business under certain conditions. However, for e-commerce practitioners, they should not only consider how to seize this "so-called" opportunity, but also find ways to actively respond to the challenges. In the face of this disaster, we should think deeply about the development of e-commerce

is application and demand the main driving force of China's e-commerce

I have always believed that technical factors are not the main driving force for the advancement of China's e-commerce. The main driving force is application and demand. Over the past five years, the technology related to e-commerce has developed rapidly. On the one hand, it has provided an increasingly simple and comprehensive way for traditional enterprises and businessmen to enter e-commerce. For example, if a merchant now applies the e-commerce platform provided by it, technical personnel who do not need special training can basically enter the e-commerce practice in only one day, including perfect settlement support, customer service support and contact with a large number of consumer groups. Technical factors are no longer the key aspects they need to consider. On the other hand, the number of consumers in China is growing rapidly and has become a huge group. Moreover, there are more and more businessmen, white-collar workers and other people with consumption ability. The civil structure is more and more conducive to the development of e-commerce

the past two years have been a new period for the development of e-commerce in China. First of all, the industry as a whole began to return to pragmatism because it got rid of many speculative activities of international capital in China's e-commerce field in the past. A very important example is that successful e-commerce enterprises pay less and less attention to the concept of mode, and the boundaries of the so-called B2B, B2C, C2C and other modes in the past are becoming more and more blurred. Being practical, convenient and effective, it has become the main standard to measure the value of e-commerce enterprises

secondly, in contrast to the international situation of our company's strict production of experimental machines and the bursting of the foam, over the past two years, e-commerce enterprises with the right business direction have increasingly moved towards stable profits, and have begun to play an increasingly important role in economic life

third, some e-commerce fields that developed slowly in the past began to take off, such as entertainment consumption. The role of e-commerce in leading consumer fashion is becoming more and more obvious

fourth, with the settlement, distribution and the gradual solution of relevant technical problems, the medium and long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan for 2020 have been formulated. Traditional enterprises and a large number of individual businessmen have entered e-commerce. Now there are almost no technical barriers, which greatly promotes the wider and in-depth application of e-commerce and lays a foundation for the more rapid development in the future

the new phenomenon of e-commerce in the period of SARS

the sudden arrival of the disaster of SARS has indeed stimulated e-commerce business under certain conditions. According to our preliminary statistics, from late April to the first half of May, the average daily sales revenue of is about four times that of the same period last month. Of particular significance is that the amount of settlement is almost five times that of the same period last month. In terms of revenue structure, we have noticed that the revenue from consumption, such as games and entertainment, various SMS applications, and digital product downloads, has grown the fastest. The average daily sales revenue of some entertainment products has actually reached more than 10 times that of the same period last month. However, the e-commerce platform services we provide for traditional enterprises and individuals are especially welcomed by a large number of traditional enterprises and businessmen during this period because of their simple operation, comprehensive technical support, settlement and management background "buy and use", and the business volume is more than eight times that of the same period last month

at the same time, due to our strict response to the relevant provisions of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce on strictly controlling door-to-door delivery during the SARS period, we have taken the initiative to cancel some of the distribution services widely used in the past, such as door-to-door delivery and cash on delivery. For the sales of some commodities that rely heavily on door-to-door delivery, such as cosmetics, electrical appliances, books, audio-visual products, etc., the growth of sales revenue is not that large. Some of them have experienced short-term growth, There are also falls of different ranges

"SARS" is a challenge to China's e-commerce

first of all, I think it is inaccurate to say that SARS is a good opportunity for e-commerce. SARS is a disaster for people all over the country. You can also register your personal information in advance, which is no exception for anyone. The growth of China's e-commerce is mainly due to its long-term accumulation, progress and the improvement of the entire e-commerce application environment. For us, in the face of the disaster of SARS, our main consideration is not how to seize the so-called opportunities, but to actively respond to the challenges

however, we did find two very good signs

first of all, I always believe that e-commerce is a fashionable business activity that is very suitable for the lifestyle of modern people. As long as the majority of the people (including consumers, enterprises and businessmen) try this activity more, it is in fact very easy to be accepted. Recently, many consumers, enterprises and businessmen have had the opportunity to taste e-commerce for the first time. Their experience will help to accumulate more consumers, enterprises and businessmen for China's e-commerce

second, during this period, we have attracted many e-commerce users, namely traditional enterprises and individual businessmen. We believe that they can continue to accumulate experience and develop their own e-commerce business in the future development, so as to attract more users and bring a virtuous circle of real interaction between businesses and consumers through the network. This should also be the most advantageous aspect of e-commerce

some problems have also been exposed in the face of sudden demand growth. First of all, the scope of e-commerce services in China is still too narrow. In addition to a few commodities such as books, audio-visual magazines and game cards, there are too few e-commerce enterprises that can provide more comprehensive services for the people. Second, although some infrastructure is "available", it is still far from the advanced optimization level. For example, of the dozens of domestic bank card settlements we currently support, only about 80% can achieve real-time settlement, and the settlement rate that merchants bear is too high. There are also many bank cards. For users, the procedures are not as simple as the one card of China Merchants Bank and the peony card series of ICBC. The phenomenon of "traffic jam" in the bank settlement network system also occurs from time to time

China's e-commerce needs a better policy environment

based on my own experience in China's e-commerce field for many years, the government has given great support to the development environment of e-commerce technology. What is relatively lacking is that compared with traditional commercial enterprises, the opportunities for e-commerce in commercial development are not equal. For example, there are not only too many restrictions on the business items and modes of e-commerce enterprises, but also sometimes many doors, which often makes people at a loss. Many goods that can be normally sold in supermarkets are subject to various restrictions on sales

for example, recently, in order to resist the impact of SARS disaster on the commercial service industry, many government departments have seriously formulated some incentive measures, which are not fully implemented for e-commerce enterprises. In the final analysis, for business management departments, e-commerce enterprises are still more regarded as "alternative", which is a tendency that does not meet the needs of e-commerce development

third, it is common for some telecommunications and networking industries that e-commerce depends on to have ambiguous policies and the rule of man rather than the rule of law. At present, the most typical example is the management of SMS. However, recently, the policies on SMS services have often led to multiple departments, changing day and night, people acting in their own way, and wavering, often leaving the industry at a loss

Over the past five years, I have always believed that with the gradual overcoming of the "three mountains" of settlement, distribution and small user base in the initial stage of China's e-commerce development five years ago, the only obstacle to China's e-commerce is that users (including consumers, enterprises and businessmen) do not accept E-commerce, This is mainly because they have too little experience of e-commerce. Recently, not only many consumers have experienced the convenience, fluency and fashion of shopping and consumption, but also many enterprises and businessmen have also experienced the convenience of stepping into the e-commerce era in one day. These are certainly of very positive significance to overcome the above obstacles and promote the great strides of China's e-commerce

e-commerce enterprises will usher in a platform period of relatively slow development.

after years of development, some e-commerce enterprises with a single business field will inevitably usher in a platform period of relatively slow development. For us, according to the experience and know-how accumulated by our team over the years, to carry out e-commerce in China, on the one hand, we should constantly expand our business varieties and try to provide more and better products for consumers; Second, we should constantly refine and improve customer service, summarize and develop customer service standards suitable for Chinese people; Third, we should rely on our continuously accumulated and improved technical capabilities over the past five years to provide more simple and comprehensive e-commerce services for Chinese enterprises and businessmen and more comprehensive services for merchants to apply e-commerce

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