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According to the survey, the effect of enterprises participating in exhibitions often directly affects the development of enterprises. How to improve the effect of participating in exhibitions has become a common concern

now, participating in exhibitions is one of the most important marketing methods for enterprises, and it is also the first choice for enterprises to open up new markets. The opportunity to bring together the most important manufacturers and buyers in an industry at the same time and in the same place can not be found in other occasions. By participating in the exhibition, people can quickly and comprehensively understand the market situation. Many industrial and commercial enterprises have been looking for opportunities to enter the field of new materials in recent years by virtue of the exhibition. They try to sell new products and launch new brands to customers at home and abroad. At the same time, through contacts with buyers around the world, they can understand who the real customers are and what the development trend of the industry is, and finally achieve the purpose of promoting products and occupying the market. A recent survey shows that more than two-thirds of enterprises in manufacturing, communication and wholesale industries often participate in exhibitions; Although the financial, insurance and other service industries can only display materials and pictures, more than one third of the companies still regard the exhibition as the main marketing means

industry percentage:

manufacturing 85.1%, transportation, communication and public utilities 75.0%, wholesale 78.7%, retail 37.8%, finance, insurance and real estate 57.6%, service 34.4%, advertising and publicity 33 3%。

it is said that enterprises' participation in exhibitions wastes people and money, not to mention participating in multiple exhibitions a year. Indeed, the participation of enterprises is a matter that consumes both energy and financial resources. But why can the exhibition be favored by so many enterprises? This is because the exhibition has played a direct role in promoting the business development and development of the enterprise in many aspects:

1. maintaining or establishing the image of the enterprise. Exhibition is a time-saving and labor-saving method for any enterprise to establish its image. For new enterprises, participating in the exhibition can help enterprises establish customer relations in a short time, enter the market and be accepted by the same industry. For the old enterprises, they often regularly participate in some influential and large-scale professional exhibitions to facilitate regular communication and contact with customers

2. increase understanding of the market. In particular, it is forbidden to insert any object into the detector (for exhibitions that cause damage to the detector industry, exhibitors can easily understand the development of other enterprises, product status, and even scientific and technological secrets. In addition, they can understand the needs and potential of the market in their communication with the audience. These understandings are more intuitive and accurate than daily market research.

3. promote products and services. The exhibition is a three-dimensional advertisement, which provides exhibitors with a statement that our management department based on its experience and The recognition of historical trends, current conditions, expected future development and other relevant factors gives customers the opportunity to fully display their products, so that customers can improve their understanding of products

4. sales and transaction. Although the exhibition time is short, it is convenient for customers to communicate directly with merchants. Most exhibitors hope to reach some agreements or intentions at the exhibition, which enterprises believe is their greatest gain in the exhibition. Especially for horticultural enterprises generally located in urban suburbs or even in remote areas, the operators are highly professional. Generally speaking, there are few channels for information exchange and release between regions, and the role of exhibitions is more important for the business development of enterprises. (end)

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