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Thoughts and solutions on the development of refractories for China's glass industry after China's accession to the WTO, foreign high-quality and low-cost products can go straight into China. At the same time, it is more convenient for Chinese high-quality products to enter the international market. Seizing the opportunity to carefully analyze the existing problems of refractories used in China's glass industry and the gap with the world advanced level, and taking correct Countermeasures to narrow the gap with developed countries as soon as possible and catch up with and surpass the world advanced level will be our best response to the challenges after China's entry into the WTO

in recent ten years, China's refractories for glass industry have made great progress, which is comprehensively reflected in the fact that the age of large float glass furnace has been increased from 3 to 4 years to 5 to 8 years, and all materials have been localized, which has greatly narrowed the gap with the advanced level abroad, and laid a solid foundation for the future development of refractories for glass industry. However, compared with the needs of the further development of the glass industry and the advanced level of foreign countries, there are still many problems to be solved

after China's entry into the WTO, foreign high-quality and low-cost products can be imported directly. At the same time, it is more convenient for Chinese high-quality products to enter the international market. Seizing the opportunity to carefully analyze the existing problems of refractories used in China's glass industry and the gap with the world's advanced level, take correct countermeasures, narrow the gap with developed countries as soon as possible, and catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level, which will be our best SEO response to the challenges after China's entry into the WTO. According to the main problems existing at present and in combination with the thinking on the future development, the following will put forward some solutions for some advanced tensile machines in the market in addition to the above items

I. expand and strengthen a large supporting refractory leading enterprise integrating science, industry and trade with strong technological innovation strength and international competitiveness, making it a leading force to improve the overall level of the industry and drive the development of the whole industry

at present, there are many enterprises, small scale, scattered forces, low-level repeated construction, individual wars, disorderly market competition and other phenomena in the refractory industry for glass industry, resulting in the slow improvement of the overall level of the industry. Taking casting refractory as an example, in recent years, China has successively built more than 30 casting refractory enterprises. Although most of these enterprises have made progress to varying degrees in recent years, most of them have small production scale, weak technical force, backward process equipment and difficult to guarantee product quality. The same is true for sintered refractories. Thus, on the one hand, there is a surplus of ordinary products, on the other hand, high-end products still need to be imported, and because these enterprises dump at low prices, the market is chaotic, which has become an obstacle for backbone enterprises to upgrade their products. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a strong refractory company integrating science, industry and trade to ensure the provision of high-quality supporting refractory materials with reliable quality. Such companies can use their strong strength to integrate resources, become bigger and stronger, guide the industry to continuously improve the overall level and climb new heights

to be bigger means that the company should have its own controllable production bases and supporting systems for casting refractories, alkaline refractories, silica bricks, zirconium, zirconium corundum, sillimanite, mullite refractories and new amorphous refractories, which can provide high-quality supporting refractories for the whole kiln and meet the needs of the entire glass industry, including the glass fiber industry, for refractories. To be strong is to rely on the new to become strong, make full use of strong technical advantages, constantly carry out technological innovation, improve the overall level of the industry, and make it a large refractory supporting company with international competitiveness

II. The close combination between the design of glass furnace, the production of refractory materials, the operation, maintenance and use of furnace, and the scientific research on the production and use of refractory materials is one of the important conditions for prolonging the age of furnace and reaching the international advanced level as soon as possible

to prolong the service life of the furnace, two conditions must be met: first, a supporting refractory company integrating science, industry and trade can provide various high-quality supporting refractory materials required by the furnace; Second, the design, production, use and scientific research should be closely combined to give full play to their respective advantages, so as to make the allocation of refractory materials of the whole kiln more reasonable. In particular, the old furnace with a kiln age of more than 8 years can not be achieved entirely by improving the quality of refractory materials. Superb design, careful operation, maintenance and management must be closely combined with the supporting supply of high-quality refractory materials. In the past, the situation that each pipe is in one section, without communication with each other, and without an overall concept is one of the important reasons for the long-term lingering age of the furnace

the question now is how to implement it? Who will implement it? First, who will combine the four parties? According to previous experience, the refractory supporting group company integrating science, industry and trade with strong technical strength is the most suitable. On the one hand, he can recommend various supporting schemes to the design and user departments for selection based on his deep understanding of the performance of refractory materials and his mastery of data; On the other hand, it can provide various high-quality supporting refractory materials required by the user departments, track the use, continuously provide services to users, help solve possible problems in use, connect the four parties, communicate frequently, complement each other's advantages, form a whole, and work together to improve the furnace age and various relevant technical and economic indicators. Of course, industry associations should also give full play to the functions of industry self-discipline and industry coordination, and organize industry elites to jointly achieve this goal

III. based on the drive of new technologies such as improving the quality of molten glass, prolonging the age of furnace, adopting full oxygen combustion and environmental protection, refractories for glass industry must have a greater development. We believe that we should strengthen our work in the following three aspects

1。 Improve and improve the existing production process and equipment, and further improve product quality, stability and yield

in combination with the problems existing in the production of raw metal refractory without plastic deformation for a long time and the defects exposed in the process of use, do some solid basic theoretical research on application. For example, using computer simulation to study the casting temperature field and stress during the annealing process of melting and casting refractories, and the damage mechanism during the use process of refractories. At the same time, we should be good at using the theories of other disciplines to guide the analysis of problems. For example, the theory of metal casting, the mechanism and elimination of glass bubbles make the process parameters more reasonable, fundamentally improve the existing process, improve the level of existing equipment, and reduce the impact of human factors. It should be said that after long-term production practice and continuous improvement, the production process is basically reasonable, but at the current level, there is still some room for improvement. Some factors affecting product quality and yield can not be grasped. The situation of high and low yield and unstable product quality must be changed

2。 The development of new varieties of refractories will make the configuration of furnace refractories more reasonable, and further extend the furnace life and relevant technical and economic indicators

it should be said that the current configuration of furnace refractories is basically reasonable, but with the need to further improve the glass quality and prolong the kiln age, as well as the more stringent operating conditions of modern furnaces, the refractories in some parts of the furnace are not suitable. For example, some key parts of the kinescope glass furnace are seriously eroded, and it is required to use fused cast high zirconium bricks; For the rear wall of the regenerator and the breast wall of the melter, it is more suitable to use the fused AZS brick with better thermal shock resistance, which has non concentrated shrinkage pores and uniformly dispersed pores; In addition, the lower glass phase fused cast AZS series products that are more suitable for the upper mechanism need to be developed to form a new supporting combination. There is still a lot of research space in this regard, and there is still a lot of work to do. It is necessary to continuously develop new varieties according to the needs of development, so as to make the configuration of furnace refractory more reasonable

in particular, it should be pointed out that the technical level and cultural quality of operators should be continuously improved to enable them to roughly understand the process principle of each process and why they should operate like this, so as to change from blind operation to consciously operating according to the operating procedures, which is very important to improve product quality. It is hard to imagine that a team with low cultural quality and blind operation can produce high-quality products

3。 Tracking the new technologies such as full oxygen combustion adopted by glass furnaces and the requirements for further development of refractories, developing new varieties of refractories and new configuration schemes required to promote the progress of modern furnaces

the application of total oxygen combustion technology in glass furnaces has developed rapidly in foreign countries. Since the emergence of a leading total oxygen combustion tank kiln burning natural gas in the United States in 1983, more than 100 total oxygen combustion furnaces have been built in Europe, the United States and Asia by using only the performance grade. However, due to the use of full oxygen combustion, the concentration of alkali vapor and water vapor in the furnace increases, which accelerates the erosion of refractory materials, especially the superstructure. The silica brick currently used is not competent. Therefore, it is necessary to find the appropriate replacement materials and re allocate the refractory materials of the whole furnace so as to maintain the high kiln life of the furnace. A lot of work has been done abroad in this regard. The popular materials include fused alumina refractories, fused AZS refractories and spinel bricks. We should pay close attention to our work

in recent years, a new glass melting process has emerged in the United States, which has made great breakthroughs in energy saving, environmental protection and improving melting quality. The maximum temperature of the whole melting process of the new process does not exceed 1400 ℃, which is 100 ~ 200 ℃ lower than the traditional process. The energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the air pollution can be greatly reduced in terms of environmental protection. In addition, this new process also has the characteristics of thin liquid glass layer, good heat transfer effect, high vacuum clarification efficiency, good glass quality, and prolonging the service life of refractory materials. Close attention should be paid to it in order to adjust the working direction of refractory materials in time

in recent years, the refractory materials required by China's glass industry are basically complete in variety, continuously improved in quality, basically reasonable in the configuration of various parts, and meticulous in operation and maintenance. Therefore, the furnace age has broken through the long-term level of 3 ~ 4 years, reaching 5 ~ 8 years. At present, we are moving towards the goal of 10 years or higher. In order to adapt to the development of glass industry after China's entry into WTO, the refractory industry is also facing the requirements of a new round of development. We believe that we should become a leading enterprise in the scientific and technological refractory supporting group integrating science, industry and trade; Do a good job in the combination of design, production, use and scientific research; The main development direction of refractories for glass industry in the future will be to further improve and improve the production process of refractories, improve product quality, develop new varieties to improve the configuration level, and track the needs of refractories for the development of glass industry

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