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Reflections on the development of the third-party coating service industry

The prosperity of the service industry marks the prosperity of a national economy and the maturity of the market. The desire of the coating industry for the service industry of this industry marks that China's coating industry has entered a certain scale and has a certain market. However, is there such a problem: when the coating service industry rose, it undoubtedly increased competitors for manufacturers who used to consolidate the old market and explore new markets with after-sales service

in order to open up new markets and consolidate old markets, many well-known foreign coating manufacturers, in addition to strengthening technological innovation and reducing

costs, the most important means is service. The traditional services are consultation and guidance, business training and on-site guidance. The main services can be general coating users, but more are dealers and agents, as well as the downstream Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Jinan gold testing Jinan experimental machine factory. We sincerely welcome you to call us to consult coating customers. DuPont has held thousands of compulsory training courses around the world for the coating construction of automotive coatings and touch up paints, so that users can correctly use the coatings produced by the company and ensure that the coating performance can be brought into full play. Although these services can increase the cost to a certain extent, we cannot help but see the potential benefits under the surface. At present, foreign coating companies are changing their role from pure product manufacturing to providing services. They have a close relationship with customers through services. Not only for example, large coating companies also provide technical services and support for coating customers' product development, cost saving and paint coating workshop operation management. In addition, some service concepts other than technical problems have been generated, such as providing users with help in financial, management and marketing, as well as training plans, information services, business improvement programs and improving environmental performance. This is a new service business model, and some multinational coating enterprises benefit from it. Although the cost is increased, the profit brought by the service is far greater than the consumption

for the coating industry, it is eager to obtain guidance on construction technology, and the emergence of the third-party coating service industry is very necessary. For the coating industry, it has to cause reflection. Because of the consumption nature of the coating itself, the coating service determined by the coating manufacturer can not be completely separated from that of all glass fiber products in order to better meet the international and domestic steel market demand by 24%, which is completely different from that of electrical appliances. The consumption of coating is completed only after the coating is completed and the coating film is completely dry. Whether the performance of the coating film is good is not only related to the manufacturing of the coating, but also related to the coating process. Poor quality coatings will never produce good coatings to improve the core market competitiveness of enterprises, and will not have the effect of protection; However, due to improper construction of qualified coating, the coating film can not achieve the desired effect. Whatever the reason, it will affect the reputation of coating manufacturers and damage the interests of consumers

therefore, the author believes that it is necessary to establish a third-party coating service industry, but the coating manufacturing industry must still be closely linked with the coating industry, strengthen after-sales service and change the service concept, so as to effectively consolidate and expand the market. Even if there is a third-party coating service industry, coating manufacturers should not take any chances and think that from now on, "the goods are sold, and

will not be responsible". They should pay more attention to the service content than before, so as not to be eliminated by the market

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