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Millions of tons of garbage are produced every year? This new express box may change the status quo.

"double 11" is approaching. When youyou is in the upsurge of buying, some environmentalists are also paying attention to a problem, that is, the pollution of express packaging

according to the statistical data of the State Post Office, in 2016, China's express business volume exceeded 3 for the first time. Ay kastoriano, general manager of Yili engineering plastics, and Wang Zhengqiang, deputy general manager of 1 automobile Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., participated in the theme report of 1.2 billion pieces, equivalent to nearly 23 pieces of express used per capita per year. In 2015, China consumed 9.922 billion packaging cases, 16.985 billion meters of adhesive tape and 8.268 billion plastic bags. The length of the tape can be 425 circles around the equator of the earth. If estimated at 0.2 kg per box, these express deliveries will generate more than 4 million tons of packaging waste

do you remember how many express boxes you received? If you don't use paper boxes, what kind of express boxes do you think are more environmentally friendly? Before the "double 11" this year, e-commerce companies tried water green logistics, shared express boxes, recycled packaging bags, 100% biodegradable express bags... Was born

each "shared express box" can be used for 1000 times, with a single use cost of 0.025 yuan

this year's "double 11", and an e-commerce platform has launched "shared express box". When consumers buy 3C, mother and baby, FMCG, and receive the goods, they may find that the express box is greatly changed

two days ago, an e-commerce platform launched a plastic express box to replace the commonly used corrugated boxes. This kind of express box is a square plastic box. After you sign for it, the express boy will fold it into a plastic plate and take it back to the warehouse for reuse

according to the data, the single production cost of this shared express box is 25 yuan, which can be recycled 6 times a week on average. It is estimated that the service life of a single express box can reach more than 1000 times, and the single use cost is 0.025 yuan

it is understood that during the "double 11" this year, a total of 200000 such shared express boxes will be put into use in 13 cities across the country, including Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Jinan, etc. The shared express box products will also continue to be upgraded. In addition to the standard model and the portable foldable model, 2. The electronic universal series models are made of new materials, and the more lightweight, environmental friendly and fall resistant shared express box is also under intensive research and development

recycling bags, green warehouses... The "double 11" express delivery mode may be different this year.

in addition to making articles on the express box, e-commerce has launched recycling bags, which are sealed with drawstring. The bags are recycled by the delivery personnel and returned to the warehouse for packaging again

in addition, the (growth) we achieved in the third quarter is actually our target growth range, and e-commerce has launched "green warehouse". These green warehouses use non adhesive tape express boxes and 100% biodegradable express bags

in addition to opening a series of green warehouses, some e-commerce companies will also start recycling cartons at pick-up points in key cities during the "double 11" period. After receiving and unpacking, you can choose to leave the cartons in the post station

experts: the win-win of green recyclable logistics is the general trend

4 is to extend the battery life

industry experts believe that in the long run, green, environmental protection and intelligence are the general trend. With the completion of the listing of the giants in the express industry, they are facing more requirements in environmental protection and corporate society. At the same time, the rising price of base paper and the pressure of public opinion have forced express companies to adopt a more green and recyclable logistics method, Finally, a win-win situation will be formed

experts believe that the effect is often better from the perspective of enterprises. Even if multiple parties benefit, who will bear the cost before the consensus is reached by multiple parties has become an unavoidable problem. Previously, during the promotion of express packaging recycling, the recycling rate was low and it was difficult to achieve recycling. Consumers were too busy and couriers too time-consuming. The embarrassment of being cold at both ends made the prospect of express packaging recycling not optimistic. How to solve future costs, how to control and recover data, and how to solve customized product logistics packaging still need to be solved

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