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Golden nine and silver ten is a good season for decoration companies and home shopping malls, but for decoration owners, while enjoying preferential surprises, they will secretly feel distressed for their shrinking wallet. So the "decoration loan" came into being. Some banks and Wuhan decoration companies launched the decoration loan business. While welcoming many cheers, there were also some voices of doubt: is the decoration loan credible

more than half of the owners in Wuhan don't know about decoration loans

in many people's lives, loans seem to have become a common thing, loans to buy a house, loans to buy a car, and now even loans to buy a mobile phone. However, for the newly launched decoration loans, the acceptance of Wuhan decoration owners seems to be less obvious, and their understanding of decoration loans is even less

"can I borrow money for house decoration?" Mr. Liu, the owner of Sanjiang Aerospace capital, said in surprise, "although I haven't heard of this business before, I will apply if I really lack money. After all, decoration is related to future home life, but I can't affect the quality of decoration because of lack of money!" Mr. Jiang, who has just been busy with the decoration of his wedding house, also said that he did not know that he could borrow money for decoration. He also said that if he could know earlier, he would not have to borrow money everywhere for decoration

however, some owners said that they would not lend even if they were short of money for decoration. "Now I have to repay my mortgage every month, and my salary is only a few thousand yuan. If I have to borrow money even for decoration, how much pressure is there to repay the loan." Ms. Chen, who lives in Hankou, said

there are many categories of decoration loans

it is understood that at present, many banks provide decoration loan services, but the corresponding application conditions, application procedures, application amount and loan period of decoration loans are different from each other

for example, a state-owned bank not only requires the borrower to issue ID card, household register, real estate certificate and income certificate when applying for decoration loan, but also needs to go through a series of procedures such as on-site evaluation of the house by the evaluation department before lending. The loan amount shall be determined according to the borrower's credit status and the guarantee provided, but the loan term shall not exceed 5 years. A foreign-funded bank stipulates that as long as the borrower has a stable career and a monthly income before tax of more than 3000 yuan, he can apply for a decoration loan. The minimum application amount is 8000 yuan, the maximum is 300000 yuan, and the loan term is no more than 4 years

in order to make consumers experience more convenient services, some banks also launched credit card home decoration installment business. For example, the credit card holder of a bank can apply to purchase goods or services at the designated home improvement merchant of the bank with his credit card, and then the bank will review it according to the cardholder's credit record and consumption behavior. After the approval of the bank, the corresponding transaction amount will be divided into several periods equally, and the cardholder will repay it monthly within the agreed period, and pay a certain handling fee. It is reported that the application amount of this business ranges from 20000 yuan to 200000 yuan, and it can provide installment services for up to 24 periods (months)

of course, in addition to bank loans, consumers can also borrow from consumer finance companies. Such companies can usually provide consumer loans for durable consumer goods and general consumer purposes, including decoration loans. However, China's consumer credit law is not yet perfect, so the market maturity still needs to be improved. Recommendation: is it cost-effective for experts to help you finance decoration loans?

apply for decoration loans according to your ability

for Wuhan decoration owners, is it reliable to choose decoration loans? What kind of decoration loan should I choose? Some insiders pointed out that, in fact, it varies from person to person. Owners should comprehensively consider the length of the loan repayment period and whether there is collateral and other conditions, so as to choose a more cost-effective way of home decoration consumer loan

among all kinds of decoration loans, the personal consumption loans launched by major banks should be the least expensive. However, the review procedure of this business is relatively strict, and some will require the borrower to sign relevant decoration contracts or agreements with the decoration company, so it will be more difficult to apply

in contrast, unsecured and unsecured credit loans have a lower threshold and less difficulty in application, but such products often hide "traps". For example, a credit loan launched by a bank will generate a "loan management fee" in addition to charging the loan interest according to the regulations. If the loan amount is large, it is not a small amount. Therefore, when choosing these credit loans, owners and friends must see the relevant information clearly and ask the specific cost composition to avoid unnecessary losses





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