30 and Li decorate 100 good bricks for parents

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Wang Yongbin, a Qing Dynasty man, said in the night talk around the stove: filial piety comes first

parents work hard to bring up their children, and their children grow up slowly, enter the society, and pursue their new life. When their children work hard to realize their new life dream by buying a house and buying a home, their parents at this time have already stepped into the threshold of a comfortable age, old and frail, and have difficulty moving, so they need to be taken care of

the Confucian book of filial piety begins with a clear chapter saying: be physically fit, and accept your parents. So how can we honor our elderly and disabled parents after we buy a house and buy a home? There are many ways, such as going home to visit parents, making more phone calls, providing adequate security for their old age, trying to arrange a certain time to take them out for tourism, and so on. On the basis of the above ways, Tianwei ceramics provides the concept of "filial piety first in decoration", and suggests buying a house for parents, or renovating a new house, adopting design styles and advanced decoration materials suitable for the elderly, and using 100% good bricks, Create a comfortable living space for parents

it is reported that the above-mentioned brand-new concept was proposed by Tianwei ceramics, which is known as the "top ten brands of Chinese ceramics" recently. Considering the needs of young people who start a family to support the elderly and take care of their parents, the "filial piety culture" household concept publicity of "30 and filial piety first, 100% good bricks for parents" was launched, and the "30" men who advocate the establishment of a career and a family will further implement the action of filial piety to their parents in every detail of home decoration, Give parents 100% good bricks, create a perfect quality space, and create a perfect old life for parents without leaving any regrets. For this reason, after long-term technical accumulation and innovation, Tianwei ceramics has carefully created several powerful tiles focusing on perfect home life, such as "intelligent seamless color printing tiles", Royal impression, splendid elegance, etc., which have advantages that many traditional tiles do not have. Taking the intelligent seamless color printing porcelain chip as an example, the professional evaluator commented that this product has excellent performance in terms of design and color, surface effect, wear resistance and colorfastness, and space sense of space paving application, especially excellent environmental protection and health performance, which is more suitable for urban families, and perfectly represents the new proposition of "100% decoration of good bricks and filial piety first" of Tianwei ceramics

beauty of details: in old age, people often can't tolerate "sand" in their eyes, and they are more demanding on details. Even in the groove part, intelligent seamless color printing tiles can achieve consistent and unified patterns, and the details are perfect. Even the elderly who are very strict with them can't find faults, which is undoubtedly the best choice for tiles with "filial piety in decoration"

the beauty of tenacity: in home life, the elderly are relatively clean and always like to clean the house spotlessly, especially the handicrafts and the ground are polished with flowing light and shine, but the general ceramic tiles will wear out when they are often rubbed, while the intelligent seamless color printing ceramic tiles can be rubbed by 15000 turns of steel balls without wear. In other words, this type of ceramic tiles will not fade for a lifetime and is deeply loved by the family

beauty of health: due to the weak body of the elderly, low immune rate, and poor resistance to harmful substances in decoration materials and unclean air, a slight carelessness in decoration will cause harm to the health of the elderly. The intelligent seamless color printing ceramic chip integrates nano silver ions into the color glaze, adsorbs harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide in the air, and releases negative ions, which not only effectively enhances the mirror effect of the product, but also has lasting antibacterial effect, purifies the air, and creates a clean and healthy space for parents, wives and children

it is understood that with the implementation of the idea of "30 years of filial piety, 100% good bricks for parents", Tianwei ceramics will hold promotional activities in many cities to spread and share the beauty of "filial piety" with more families





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