3 living room designs with different East Asian st

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Elegant and simple Heshi

compared with other home decoration design styles, Heshi has a unique elegant and simple flavor. Its natural material, rational use of space, and harmonious relationship with nature are unmatched by other home styles

creating such a living room for your home can give you an additional channel of communication with nature and countryside in a busy city

East Asian style simple and casual living room design

the Thai style of home furnishing has been popular in China in recent years. It has a strong Southeast Asian tropical style. Furniture and items are mostly made of natural materials such as rattan, wood, water and grass, which has a strong visual impact

it is also a beautiful thing to decorate such a living room at home to visually satisfy your appetite for gluttony. Light wood color has always been favored by many people, not only because it has a very natural texture, but also because it has a warm and stable color. With green, it is light and a little lean

Chinese traditional style

Chinese classical style often gives people the feeling of historical continuity and regional context, which makes the indoor environment highlight the image characteristics of national cultural origin. For example, it absorbs the composition and decoration of caisson, ceiling, hanging and sparrow in the interior of Chinese traditional wooden frame buildings, and the modeling and style characteristics of Ming and Qing furniture

the decorative technique of traditional interior design is the embodiment of Chinese implicit temperament. The interior design of Chinese classical style absorbs the characteristics of "shape" and "spirit" of traditional decoration in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings




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