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[LLDPE weekly review] the lack of positive stalemate is difficult to break through

I. Market Review (October 8-october 12)

this week, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index showed a downward trend. One stone stirred up a thousand waves, the physical center of gravity gradually moved down, the weekend trading center of gravity moved slightly upward, the daily K-line closed five consecutive positive, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed at 1331.76, and the index always hovered around 1330

on Monday, LLDPE warehouse orders opened slightly lower, and the previous index fell slightly. Then, driven by buying, it rebounded slightly at the low level, fluctuated higher, the fluctuation range was narrow, and the trend of the late market was gradually stable and extended horizontally; On Tuesday, the opening price fell slightly, the front index continued the opening decline, continued to decline in a narrow range of shocks, and the intraday trend was slightly stable. The middle and rear prices rebounded slightly under the support of weak buyer forces, and rose slightly with shocks, but the range of increase was limited. The trend in the late trading tended to be stable, extended horizontally, and closed slightly; On Wednesday, the opening price fell slightly, the front index reversed after a slight decline, fluctuated upward, fluctuated in a narrow range, and the middle index fell slightly under the selling pressure, continued to decline in a small range, and became slightly stable at the end of the day, closing down slightly; On Thursday, ll also has overload protection, displacement measurement and other functions. DPE warehouse orders reversed slightly after a small decline in the opening, and then rose slightly. The intraday index continued to rise slightly, and closed slightly higher in the late trading; On Friday, LLDPE warehouse receipts fell slightly and then reversed slightly and rose slightly. The intraday index continued to rise slightly and ended up slightly

in terms of data, as of Friday's close, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed at 1331.76 points, down 0.74 points from the close on September 30. The settlement price of main warehouse receipt varieties increased by an average of about 118 yuan/ton over the same period last week. The total turnover in a week was 12120 tons, the average daily turnover was 4785 tons less than last week, and the order volume on Friday was 6040 tons, an increase of 410 tons over last Friday. The specific data are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

ll warehouse receipt turnover this Sunday (tons)

ll warehouse receipt order quantity (tons)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease




124 ↑



957 ↓



410 ↑




111 ↑

II. Comprehensive analysis:

on the weekly index K-line chart, This week, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed a short positive line, the physical center of gravity moved down slightly, and the 5-day moving average inertia rose and the range increased. On the daily K-line chart, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed out of the Wuyang line, the trading center of gravity gradually moved down, the physical center of gravity rose slightly at the weekend, the inertia of the 5-day moving average rose, and reversed slightly at the weekend. There was no significant change in the opening of the brin line. The KDJ index fell slightly at the beginning of the week, rose slightly at the weekend, and there was a golden fork trend, and the red column of the MACD index gradually narrowed

in terms of basic information, crude oil prices continued to rise this week due to the sharp decline in U.S. crude oil inventories, fuel shortages in winter and the decline of the US dollar. By Friday, WTI crude oil closed at $83.69/barrel, up $2.47 from the same period last week, and Brent crude oil closed at $80.55/barrel, up $1.65 from the same period last week. In terms of spot goods, the overall situation of LLDPE spot market this week is still stable, the market fluctuation is not large, the transaction is flat, and the traders ship actively, but the downstream demand is flat, the high transaction is slightly difficult, the PE market in South China is flat, the transaction is blocked, and the current situation of market resources is light, which has been finally relieved. The mentality of merchants is different, and some traders are mainly on the sidelines

to sum up, crude oil continued to rise at a high level this week, but the continuously rising crude oil did not drive the market price. The market is still stable, but the long-term dull trend has been deeply rooted, and recovery may be difficult. In addition, there are few favorable factors in the market and the insufficient operating rate of downstream factories, which all indicate the stability of the market situation and the difficulty of price rise. It is expected that this situation may continue in the future, Continue to focus on shock consolidation

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