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LLDPE: Liansu's short-term position increase fluctuated at the 11300 level

on Thursday, Liansu's main 1401 contract opened slightly lower and went lower due to the sharp decline in crude oil, and then reached the bottom after copying the chassis. The futures price increase rose, and the next shadow positive line was closed within the day. Technically, the futures price is suppressed by the 5-day moving average, and the lower 20 day moving average has some support, and the KDJ index turns upward. In terms of the top 20 main positions, the main long positions increased by 4042, the main short positions increased by 2598, and the net long positions were 17930 (-3053)

on Thursday, some parts of the domestic polyethylene market continued to decline slightly. Due to its extremely low density oil, the linear price of North China was reduced by yuan/ton, and some low-pressure oil was slightly reduced by yuan/ton. The high-pressure supply in the market was relatively small, the traders' offer remained firm, and the linear shipment was basically stable. According to the market, the low-pressure import transactions in East China are acceptable, most of them are among traders, and there are few downstream deliveries. They mainly wait and see, waiting for lower prices. At present, the quotation of North China LLDPE is 11600 yuan/ton, the transaction of East China LLDPE is yuan/ton, and the quotation of South China LLDPE is 0 yuan/ton in recent years. LLDPE price index fell 33 to 11643 yuan/ton

by the middle of October, PE social inventory had fallen month on month compared with the same period last year. In terms of devices, Wuhan Petrochemical's 300000 ton LLDPE device operates normally and is easy to carry. Fushun Petrochemical plans to start the polymerization device at the end of the month and the beginning of November. If it is opened as scheduled, its 450000 ton linear device will be put on the market, and the tight supply and demand pattern will be eased in the later period. In mid December, Sichuan ethylene plant plans to start the cracking unit, but even if it is started as scheduled, its supply will pose limited pressure on Liansu's January contract

the sharp fall of the original oil price did not cause a big panic to the plastic market. After days of decline in the spot market price, the decline also slowed slightly, and the futures price increased slightly. In terms of operation, in view of the tight social inventory and the postponement of the decline in the spot market, Liansu stopped falling and rebounded mildly, in terms of operation, the short impact testing machine is a fine testing instrument that can measure the mechanical functions, process functions, internal shortcomings and calibration of metal data, non-metal data, mechanical parts, engineering structures, etc. under all kinds of conditions and circumstances. It is better to wait and see

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