The hottest lldpe3 in the middle and late ten days

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Lldpe3 in the middle and late ten days of the year is mainly to digest the surging supply shocks.

after the Spring Festival, the plastic market has not seen the expected rise since March. When the international oil price once again reached the $80 mark, LLDPE futures prices did the opposite. First, the 12000 level was lost, and then the 11000 psychological level was tested. At the end of last month, Sinopec raised its pricing, which significantly supported the spot. Although the demand was not as good as expected, at the beginning of this month, when the upstream ethylene monomer import cost was reduced and the demand was still relatively low, Sinopec lowered its price. The atmosphere of the late spring was shrouded in the market, and the upstream and downstream merchants took a cautious wait-and-see attitude, and the actual transaction was light

from the perspective of plastic futures, the position has continued to increase this month, especially on March 8, the position has increased by more than 20000 hands. With the intervention of funds, the market that has been depressed in the early stage has injected greater impetus into the evolution of the future market. Just from the perspective of transaction, the momentum has not yet accumulated, so the current shock consolidation momentum is not difficult to understand

in terms of the current demand for agricultural mulch film, the order is still sluggish. The reason is that first, the rise and fall of the market, and the long-term downturn has led to the downstream unwilling to purchase easily and remain on the sidelines. Moreover, the climate in North China is still cold/rainy and snowy weather, and the drought is not serious, which has inhibited the recovery of some demand. With the passage of time, this situation is expected to be alleviated

from a macro perspective, the employment data and consumption data released by the United States over the weekend exceeded expectations, suggesting that the U.S. economy is recovering steadily, and the global stock market immediately responded positively. However, the unemployment rate remained at a high level of 9.7%, leaving great uncertainty about the U.S. economic recovery. At the same time, it is still uncertain whether the U.S. dollar can continue to maintain the current rebound pattern. The future trend of the US dollar is still worrying. At China's annual two sessions, Premier Wen Jiabao stressed that the government would continue to maintain a "proactive" fiscal policy and a "moderately loose" monetary policy. This is the keynote of official policy in the past few months. However, Wen Jiabao said he was aware of the potential risks. There are two quite opposite views among Chinese officials: some people have been warning of rising house prices, rising inflation and overheating of the economy, which was partly caused by last year's massive credit stimulus; Others believe that although the official economic growth data are very strong, the economy is still fragile in nature. Despite the great international pressure for RMB appreciation, Wen Jiabao did not make any statement that he would immediately change the monetary policy. He said he would "maintain the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level". Therefore, the current loose monetary policy still has no substantive change, and the inflation concerns about the commodity market and even the real estate market can not be ignored

in terms of crude oil, Ghanim, chairman of the Libyan national oil company, said on March 8 that OPEC was unlikely to change its current production quota at the meeting held on March 17 because the oil price remained stable at about $80 a barrel

in March, PE spot market was affected by many factors such as interest rate hike pressure 1, mechanical property test of medium and thick steel plates/high inventory/weak demand, which ran counter to the good wishes of most market participants. After a round of substantial decline, from the perspective of major regions, as of the 10th, PetroChina North China linear/part of the low-pressure price reduction, linear linked to 11600 yuan/ton, Sinopec North China linear settlement yuan/ton, high-pressure drop, Ordinary membrane materials were pegged at 12400 yuan/ton, the linear quotation in North China market stabilized, and the high/low pressure continued to decline. Domestic linear mainstream price of yuan/ton, whether petrochemical or intermediate links, inventory is still high, and the rebound of high inventory can be expected to be low, but crude oil is high/the external market is upside down, and there is resistance to further deep decline in cost support. Under the pressure of Sinopec South China and PetroChina South China's PE ex factory prices, the panic mentality of the PE market in South China is more obvious, and some commodity traders cut prices sharply in order to reduce their positions, but the demand of downstream factories is still low, the inquiry atmosphere is general, and the overall transaction performance is poor. At present, crude oil fluctuates above $80, and the price of ethylene is still under downward pressure due to the influx of a large number of goods. In petrochemical industry, due to the great pressure of inventory and sales, there is a lot of resource accumulation, but the demand of downstream factories has not improved. The market has a large amount of resources, the demand is still light, and the businessmen's mentality is pessimistic. It is suitable for large-size and streamlined components with lightweight design: a kind of agricultural machinery appearance parts produced by LFI process have multiple negative effects, such as extreme. The quotation in East China is still high, and the new mileage in the next seven years will reach more than 30000 kilometers. The main actors are frequent low prices in the market, and the overall transaction is still weak. The domestic linearity is at yuan/ton, and the import linearity is at yuan/ton, In East China, due to the continuous increase of petrochemical inventory and the excessive arrival resources in the outer market, and the upcoming production and preheating of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., there is great pressure on the market supply side, the market price has fallen rapidly, and there is no outstanding performance in terms of demand

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