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[LLDPE weekly review] consolidation is the main market, and the breakthrough may not be big.

I. this week's market (January 12 to January 16):

with the Spring Festival approaching, the market rose slightly, and there is still no progress in transaction. As of January 16, the LLDPE warehouse receipt index closed at 836.96 points, up 49.16 points from last week. The specific trend of the week is as follows:

this Monday, the main warehouse order ll0902 opened higher and went higher, the price fluctuated all the way, and the end of the day closed bareheaded and barefoot line; On Tuesday, the main warehouse receipts opened low and went low. Compared with the previous trading day, the trading volume and order volume decreased slightly; Open high and walk high on Wednesday; The main force is expected to exceed 30million tons on Thursday; In terms of output value, warehouse receipt ll0903 opened higher and went lower. In terms of double volume, compared with the previous trading day, the trading volume fell slightly, and the order volume changed little. The settlement price of ll0902 stood firm at 8345 yuan/ton

the transaction details of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipt variety

settlement price (yuan/ton)

LLDPE warehouse receipts are traded this Sunday (batch)

LLDPE warehouse receipts turn the knob to the corresponding range position order quantity (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

rise and fall

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease








↓ 50



↓ 13



II. Comprehensive analysis:

from the daily K-line chart of the index, the K-line combination entity reported three yang and two Yin this week, The 5-day moving average is subject to the lower part of the entity. The weekly K-line shows that the entity reported a bare head and barefoot Yang line this week, KDJ began to rise, and the area of MACD green column gradually narrowed. As of this Sunday, the K-line of the main variety ll0902 showed that its closing price fell to 8763 yuan/ton, which continued to decline compared with last week; Bol line opening operates horizontally; KDJ index is on the price track down

international crude oil began to stabilize this week. By the end of this week (2) the task of canceling ground bars was satisfactorily completed. WTI crude oil closed at $35.40/barrel, a decrease of 6.30 yuan/barrel compared with last week; Brent crude oil was reported at $44.69/barrel, unchanged from last week, with an increase of 0.02 yuan/barrel. Ethylene monomer continued to weaken, and the external market rose in December. The PE US gold market sales were poor this week. The latest mainstream quotation was USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia), up $10/ton

in terms of spot goods: with the Spring Festival approaching, downstream factories have shut down one after another, and the actual procurement volume shows a shrinking trend. Coupled with the pressure from capital and transportation before the festival, the overall market performance is not optimistic. However, supported by a small rise in the external market, tight resources and a small increase in the stock price of individual petrochemical enterprises, the narrow stretch of the market is the most basic upward trend of the experimental range of material mechanics. Traders are no longer enthusiastic about the pre holiday market and are mainly on the sidelines of delisting. It is expected that the short-term linear low-density polyethylene market may be difficult to make a major breakthrough, and basically a smooth transition

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