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Beijing abixi Chemical Co., Ltd.

after a long-term development, domestic famous brands win honor for the nation

Beijing abixi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of printing plate making film washing and covering drugs in China. It has domestic first-class professionals in the development and production of washing and covering drugs, world-class production equipment and testing technology, and has the annual production capacity of 2million sets of liquid medicine and more than a dozen other prepress and post press products, It is one of the key enterprises in Beijing high tech Industrial Development Zone. The epsy sh-1000 high temperature rapid flushing kit produced by the company was recognized as a high-tech product by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. In 1995, this product was awarded the first prize for scientific and technological progress by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and included in the national Torch Program. After the joint review of five relevant ministries, commissions and bureaus, abixi series of washing and covering products have been recognized as national key new products

sh-1000 printing film high-temperature rapid flushing sleeve is one of the best products of our company. It has occupied most of the national printing and plate making markets and has been exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China province of China, Southeast Asia and other regions. The product has the following characteristics: the developing and fixing solution has an ultra-high concentration ratio of 1:4. Under the conditions of 38 ℃ and 30 seconds high temperature rapid washing, it has good oxidation resistance, large washing capacity and clear spots, and can obtain excellent results of high contrast and low fog. This set of medicine counter tablet machine has self-cleaning function, which is divided into different packages of 5 L/barrel and 2.5 L/barrel, and is suitable for large and small tablet washing machines

after the launch of abixi low alcohol fountain solution, high-efficiency ink cleaner and film Washer Cleaner, its effect is completely the same as that of imported products, and it is also deeply welcomed by the majority of users

at the beginning of the new century, in order to meet the needs of the domestic printing industry for high-end printing auxiliaries, abbisi company grandly launched the high-end fountain additive system after intensive research and repeated experiments, and after practical application tests. Welcome customers to use it and sincerely hope that all enterprises can put forward valuable opinions on our work

product name scope of application concentration ratio packaging specification price

sh-1000 developing machine development worldwide, various types of electronic color separation films, laser Phototypesetting films and photo paper, bright room copy films, etc

1:45 L × 3 barrels/box 330 yuan/box

2.5 liters × 4 barrels/box 225 yuan/box

sh-1000 fixing 5 liters × 3 barrels/box 300 yuan/box

2.5 liters × 4 barrels/box 205 yuan/box

sh-1000 fixing film hardener if the film is sticky, add a bottle of film hardener every 25 liters of fixing working fluid/0.5 liter × 9 barrels/box, 10 yuan/box

cl-1000 developing machine punching P60 composite resin for filling molar occlusal caries is better than glass ion and amalgam washing. Whether the clamping of various types of photographic copy samples is correct will also affect the test results film, laser phototypesetting film and photo paper. 1:72.5 L × 4 barrels/box 264 yuan/box

cl-1000 fixing 1:55 liters × 2 barrels/box 0.5 liter × 2 bottles/box 234 yuan/box

acl-700 development manual development of various printing copy films, laser Phototypesetting films and photo paper. 1:70.5 liters × 9 bottles/box 118.8 yuan/box

acl-700 fixing 1:50.5 liters × 9 bottles/box 105.3 yuan/box

high efficiency ink cleaner is suitable for cleaning all kinds of ink, blanket and ink cots./1 liter × 6 bottles/box 82.8 yuan/box

5 liters × 2 barrels/box 138 yuan/box

high efficiency cleaning agent for punching machine is suitable for cleaning dirt in various types of punching machine. 1:501 liters × 6 bottles/box, 98.6 yuan/bottle

br-100 PS version low alcohol fountain solution is suitable for alcohol fountain system offset printing machines and other types of offset printing machines. 1:1001 liter × 6 bottles/box 18 yuan/liter

5 liters × 2 barrels/box

Beijing abixi chemical company

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