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Yuchai machine: the behind the scenes winner of "Golden Port" Guangzhou

Yuchai machine: the behind the scenes winner of "Golden Port" Guangzhou

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although the heavy truck market is declining this year, you can feel the long lost market heat in Guangzhou, which is still booming. "In the first half of the year, our situation was OK. So far, the sales volume of trucks has exceeded 800, and it is expected that it will not be difficult to reach 1000 in the whole year." Yuxiaodong, general manager of Guangzhou Dongbiao Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Dongbiao), is talking and laughing

under this local rise is the subtle fluctuation of the country's macro policy. With the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" national strategy, the previous point and block regional development model has been completely changed. Horizontally, it runs through Eastern, central and Western China; Vertically, it connects major coastal port cities, and continues to extend to Central Asia and ASEAN

this will change China's regional development landscape, put more emphasis on the interconnection between provinces, industrial undertaking and transfer, and finally connect international logistics and transportation, and create a large network of international logistics and transportation planned to be put into operation in 2019. Trucks walking in this network will need to meet not only China's local requirements, but also international needs, and will face greater challenges in key performance such as environmental protection, energy conservation, power, reliability and so on

fight well prepared

with new challenges comes new opportunities. Stimulated by the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", Guangzhou, which occupies a pivotal position in the strategic road map with free trade zones, ports and airports, has brought obvious benefits to the creation of trucks and related industries eager to be stimulated by the new deal

Guangzhou Dongbiao feels the same. From January to August this year, the sales volume of Guangzhou Dongbiao rose all the way, which made Yu Xiaodong quite proud. He also repeatedly said, "without the leading technical heritage and reliable product performance of Yuchai machine, Guangzhou Dongbiao could not develop so fast."

judging from the previous upgrading and switching of emission standards, Yuchai Yima sample fixture has taken the lead in the industry and achieved its goal in one step. As a green power manufacturer in China and the largest active pollution source controller in China, Yuchai takes "green development" as one of its core values and practices it consistently. From national level I to European level VI emission standards, Yuchai is the first enterprise in the industry to release products that meet emission regulations. At the same time, Yuchai has also developed the world's first renewable air hybrid, plug-in hybrid and other new energy power

in this regard, Yanping, chairman of Yuchai shares, said: "it can be said that we take the initiative to undertake green environmental protection, and because of green environmental protection, we have promoted the technological reserves of the enterprise and improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise." It is in this self motivation to strive for progress that Yuchai's product line has been continuously expanded and its quality has been continuously improved, and its influence in the truck market is increasing day by day

Yu Xiaodong, who started to operate Jiefang Truck in 2002, has witnessed the ups and downs of the truck industry for more than 10 years, and knows that it is not easy for Yuchai to achieve today's market position. He said that the situation in Guangzhou truck market, which was competed by major powers, did not change significantly until the switch of the three countries in the second half of 2010. "It is obvious that Liuqi trucks equipped with Yuchai can be seen everywhere in Guangzhou port. Yuchai 4E, 6J, 6L and other engines that helped Liuqi compete in the third market of the Warring States period are still classic in the industry." He believes that this is due to Yuchai's sufficient strength to quickly and timely launch models that meet the new environmental standards, and maintain a high level of economy, power and reliability as always, seizing the opportunity

with excellent reliability, durability and economy, Yuchai has achieved the control of the experimental process through the automatic control of single-chip microcomputer in the Guangzhou truck market. It is well-known, especially the 6L engine, which is the preferred configuration for local users to buy trucks and tractors, and the default configuration of the best-selling Liuqi model. In Yu Xiaodong's view, this is due to the proactive and seamless cooperation between the vehicle manufacturer and the OEM. "The acceptance of Yuchai and Liuqi brands in Guangdong and Guangxi regions is relatively high. With the close cooperation between the two sides and the successful application of models in recent years, the outstanding comprehensive performance of Yuchai engine has become an important weapon to help Liuqi stabilize and improve its market share."

although there is no official data at present, truck dealers in Guangzhou coincidentally said that it was Liuqi that won the top place in the Guangzhou regional truck sales qualifying in 2014. A good horse with a good saddle, Liu Qi and Yuchai have achieved the friendship between fish and water in the honing of time, and their sincere cooperation has led to the continuous upsurge of their undertakings

win in the first World War

the "the Belt and Road" strategy particularly emphasizes the need to strengthen port construction in several coastal cities, including Guangzhou. According to China port data, in 2014, Guangzhou port completed a container throughput of 16.6 million TEUs, ranking fourth and fifth among China's coastal and inland ports in terms of container throughput. Experts pointed out that among the southeast coastal port cities, Guangzhou has been mentioned as a very important position, and is expected to become the most important outlet for the Pan Pearl River Delta to connect with the "the Belt and Road", which coincides with the position of Guangzhou in the ancient maritime Silk Road. The long-term prosperity of domestic and foreign shipping and trade is an important reason for Guangzhou to maintain its regional positioning and long-term prosperity

whether they can get a golden ticket in the Guangzhou market may have a crucial impact on the overall situation of enterprises when cutting the "the Belt and Road" cake in the future. Therefore, in the Guangzhou market, Yuchai can only win, not lose; And over the years of careful cultivation, Yuchai has enough capital to win

"in recent years, Yuchai and Liuqi have cooperated to launch products with stable quality and outstanding performance, which have established a very good market reputation, so that they can go against the trend today." Yu Xiaodong introduced that in the first September of this year, among the more than 800 Liu cars sold by Guangzhou Dongbiao, the matching rate of Yuchai machine reached 100%. He even said without hesitation, "a big reason why he chose to specialize in Liuqi at that time was that he liked Liuqi and had the full support of Yuchai."

Yu Chai in his eyes, in addition to his reputation accumulated through years of hard work in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions, what is more powerful is his ability to keep pace with the times and forge ahead with local conditions. "Yuchai has strict selection standards for power supporting suppliers, and the threshold is relatively high." The high standard quality system not only means that Yuchai has enough ability to cope with the challenges of the domestic market, but also will be fearless when facing the international stage in the future

"through a series of measures, Yuchai will cultivate and form strong product power, market power, innovation power, management power, financing power and team power, so as to consolidate and enhance the core competitiveness of the group. In the future, Yuchai will realize the connotative development of paying equal attention to enterprise scale and efficiency through industrial upgrading, product structure adjustment and overseas market expansion." Yan Ping said

words must be carried out and actions must be carried out. Yuchai's inspirational breakthrough will bring new ideas this year. This year, Yuchai launched a customized "golden power" for Liuqi. Its components are designated to be high-quality suppliers. Through the combination of the working principle of the whole vehicle and engine assembly, as well as market research and feedback, the eleven categories of core components such as fuel injection pump, generator and clutch have been subject to strict production process audit and quality evaluation. The excellence of details undoubtedly brings about a significant increase in reliability, can achieve exclusive quality assurance, better performance, more beautiful appearance, and more convenient maintenance. "Of course, further upgrading brand reputation through a product is also a new highlight for users."

not only highlights, but also strength. Under the wind of the "the Belt and Road", we should pay attention to some details when using it. The horn of the front station has sounded, and the war situation is obviously biased towards Yuchai. "The logistics in the Pearl River Delta region is developed, and there is a strong demand for road vehicles, while the price of Liuqi Chenglong is not easy, and there are few periodic promotions compared with competitive products. Why does it sell well instead? This shows that the product will not sell well if the price is low, and the product itself must have taste." Yu Xiaodong said that in the first half of this year, the secondary purchase volume of Guangzhou Dongbiao accounted for 30% of the total sales volume, and many new customers were converted from other brands. "Why? Because Yuchai with Liuqi has become a well-known product. It is worth mentioning that in practical application, users generally feedback that Yuchai has an obvious advantage of 1.5~2 liters lower fuel consumption per 100 kilometers than its competitors in the same horsepower segment."

with the help of Haofeng, he sent me to Qingyun. It can be predicted that in Guangzhou, a Golden Port amidst flames of war, Liuqi, escorted by Yuchai's "golden power" all the way, will make persistent efforts to become the brightest transportation star

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