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The Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce released the spot check of coating commodities in the third quarter

the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce released the spot check of coating commodities in the third quarter

October 27, 2004

the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce commissioned the "national building materials testing center" construction sand gb/t14684 ⑵ 001, the monitoring center for energy utilization in the automobile transportation industry of the Ministry of communications, the electromechanical Laboratory of Beijing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau According to relevant national standards, the Beijing Institute for pesticide control and the Beijing new fertilizer monitoring station have conducted quality supervision and spot checks on indoor building decoration materials, auto parts, agricultural materials, household appliances and other commodities in Beijing

the random inspection results released today show that the interior decoration materials are generally in good condition, and the harmful substances show a sharp downward trend. The quality supervision and spot check of interior decoration commodities such as adhesives, wood coatings and interior wall coatings in 15 building materials markets found that 14 brands of products were unqualified

the situation of interior wall coating products for construction is good, and toxic and harmful substances, even those produced by small-scale enterprises, also meet the relevant standards. However, there are still some problems in the performance indicators. The alkali resistance of some coatings is seriously not up to standard, and there is a phenomenon of powder dropping. Some of the washability is not up to standard. The standard value is not exposed for more than 200 times, but the bottom of some products is exposed for 20 times, indicating that some coating manufacturers have serious acts of stealing work and reducing materials

most of the adhesives in this spot check are produced by small enterprises. What are the requirements for data collection frequency? The carcinogen benzene exceeds the standard seriously. It is obvious that these manufacturers are still using benzene, which is banned by the state, as the glue solvent

it is reported that the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce will take compulsory measures to withdraw unqualified goods from the market according to the compulsory withdrawal mechanism of unqualified goods, so that they can bear greater force before the fracture, and deal with the operators who sell unqualified goods according to law. After the rectification of the production enterprise, its products can only enter the market for industrial structure adjustment and sales after passing the re inspection by the national testing institution

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