The hottest LLDPE has short-term or repeated shock

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LLDPE has experienced short-term or repeated shocks, PP spot prices have been depressed, prices have stopped falling and prices have risen

the contradiction between global supply and demand has intensified, and the international crude oil futures price has continued to fall. The main crude oil contract on the New York Stock Exchange fell $1.12 in February to close at $53.61 a barrel, down 2.05% Brent crude oil fell $1.57 in February to close at $57.88 a barrel, down 2.64% On the whole, the deep-seated changes in the pattern of supply and demand have laid a weak pattern of crude oil. In addition, the strong pattern of the US dollar continues, and the decline in oil prices continues

the low oil price will inevitably lead to the investment of the United States in shale oil wells, which will limit the decline of oil prices in the long run. At present, crude oil has fallen by nearly 50%. The short-term geopolitical fluctuations will limit the decline of oil prices, and the decline and rate of decline in the later period are expected to ease, or show a weak shock trend

lldpe: Recently, the chemical market has been subject to repeated shocks, and the LLDPE spot market has light trading. The market is expected to have a strong price in early January, but the demand is flat. Pucheng's driving and customs clearance import resources increase after new year's day. The market is expected that the supply and demand will remain unbalanced in the later period, and the fundamental weak pattern has not changed. In the short term or repeated shocks, investors are advised to wait and see. Therefore, this event is not the reason for the change of name. You can pay attention to the arbitrage transaction of buying l-short PP

pp: spot demand is the same. The domestic box board and corrugated paper production in 2016 was a total of 45.75 million tons, with severe overcapacity. After December, according to the different load measurement methods, Ningbo Fude, Pucheng clean energy, Donghua energy, etc. all have start-up plans. Recently, the market price of the impeccable technical service team in the city stopped falling and rose, and the late rebound may be weaker than that of polyethylene, maintaining the idea of shock short and holding light positions

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