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Liyang kangruideheng Paper Co., Ltd. was put into operation

the Hong Kong kangruideheng Group invested 10million US dollars in the first phase, and until they broke the book, the capital was 5million US dollars. Liyang kangruideheng Paper Co., Ltd., located in Daibu industrial concentration zone, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, was completed and put into operation in early July. The main products are 15000 tons of high-grade glass paperboard with an annual output. Its technology fills the domestic gap, and the products can replace imports. It belongs to the Leeb hardness tester of the national industrial government. It is a product of the catalogue encouraged by the portable hardness tester policy, and its annual sales are expected to exceed 200million yuan (1) test bench: for installing the power system;. In the second half of this year, the company will launch a fully automatic high-grade paper production line with a total investment of 15million US dollars. After reaching the production capacity, the company can produce 40000 tons of high-grade paper per year, and the annual sales volume can exceed 500million yuan

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