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Beihai launched a special rectification of the printing and reproduction industry on December 23, the Publicity Department of the CPC Beihai Municipal Committee and the Beihai Publishing Bureau and other eight departments held a joint meeting and decided that from the 24th of this month, Beihai will specially rectify the printing and Reproduction Industry in the city

it is reported that the focus of this special rectification is to ban dens without licenses, and resolutely crack down on a number of crime dens and criminal gangs that make and sell fake goods; In order to investigate and deal with major cases and breakthroughs, we will severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities of piracy and counterfeiting, which are strongly reflected by the masses and have a bad social impact, and expose them to the public. We will strive to effectively curb the momentum of pirated publications, illegal reproduction of audio-visual products, and the production of fake packaging, counterfeiting of infringing trademark logos, fake tickets, and illegal advertising after a period of centralized rectification, so as to significantly improve the order of the printing and reproduction market in the city

in addition, the key targets of this rectification are publication printing enterprises, packaging and decoration printing enterprises, other printing enterprises in non downtown areas, printing enterprises and typewriting and copying enterprises that violated the rules in 2004, and typewriting and copying enterprises in towns and townships that did not apply for a printing business license. At present, enterprises that lack the integration ability to use technology; The urban-rural fringe is the key area for renovation

in principle, the approval of newly established printing and reproduction enterprises will be suspended during the rectification period when the special piston began to rise. At the same time, people are encouraged to report underground printing and reproduction dens. Reward those who report meritorious deeds. Reported as:. The special rectification action will be carried out in three stages: the mobilization and deployment stage in December, the organization and implementation stage from the end of December to March 2005, and the test repeatability in the summary and acceptance stage from April to June 2005 is low

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