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Transformation of chipper Hukou and its feeding equipment

key words: chipper; Hukou; Feeding equipment; Improvement

in recent years, the logs of Masson pine for papermaking have changed to small-diameter wood and 2m short wood, the minimum average acceleration of wood diameter is 75g (G is the local gravity acceleration), which reduces the chipping efficiency. In 1997, Qingzhou Paper Mill φ The annual average chipping output of 3350mm chipper per hour is only 22.65m3 (solid volume), so our factory φ Hukou and its feeding equipment of 3350mm chipper have been transformed. After the transformation, the average chipping output has increased to 68.27m3 (solid volume). This paper introduces this transformation

1 feeding problems of the original feeding roller conveyor

1.1 the feeding roller conveyor has a total of 13 rollers, each roller is connected with the transmission shaft by umbrella gear, and the motor drives the transmission shaft through the reducer, and the feeding rollers can only move forward or backward together. Due to the small caliber of wood, the output of single feed is low, and multiple feeds are easy to be blocked. After blocking, they can only be treated separately manually, which takes a long time and has low output

1.2 when a large number of logs are blocked, the roller needs to move forward or backward continuously. How to design the interface between the roller and the transmission shaft? The umbrella gear connected is very easy to be damaged; When the blockage is serious, the drive motor often trips, which is in danger of burning the motor

1.3 the width of the feeding belt in front of the roller conveyor is 1200mm, and the width of the roller conveyor can only match the width of the tiger mouth 800mm. When the feeding belt transitions to the roller conveyor, it suddenly shrinks, and the logs are often seriously blocked here

2 characteristics of feeding chain conveyor

2.1 the chain conveyor has a total of 6 chains, which are divided into 3 groups. Each group of two chains is driven by 3 hydraulic motors, and each group of chains can move forward or backward independently

2.2 the side of the conveyor is equipped with three pneumatic hands that can help turn logs

2.3 the width of chain conveyor is suitable for the gradual transition from 1200mm feeding belt to 800mm tiger mouth

when multiple logs are sent by the belt, because the belt to the chain conveyor is gradually reduced, plus the logs can be staggered through the independent forward, backward, parking of three groups of chains and the overturning and blocking of pneumatic hands, which can effectively solve the problem of log blockage

hydraulic motor transmission is adopted, which is stable. Occasionally, a large number of logs are blocked, and the load is too large. Through protective measures such as the diversion of hydraulic oil from the hydraulic pump, the motor can be effectively protected and the phenomenon of motor burning can be eliminated

3 Hukou reconstruction

3.1 before reconstruction φ The tiger mouth of the 3350mm chipper is 1904mm long. With the 200mm connecting steel plate between the feeding equipment and the tiger mouth, the 2m short wood can be cut smoothly only when [Zhongsu news] can pass the log punching behind. We shorten the tiger mouth by 300mm to solve the problem of feeding 2m short wood

3.2 the log opposite side knife guard plate is greatly worn near the side knife end. We once divided the side knife guard plate into two parts, and only replaced the small guard plate near the side knife end each time. In the past two years, it was found that because most logs are small-diameter wood, the wear rate of the small guard plate is very fast, and generally the small guard plate should be replaced once every twelve days. At present, we have restored the side guard plate into a whole piece, and surfacing with high chromium cast iron alloy surfacing strip produced by a company in Shanghai, The service life can reach more than 3 months

3.3 the vibration of Hukou is large, the bolts fastening the diamond bottom knife are often loose and broken, and there are great hidden dangers of equipment accidents. We combine the bottom knife and the bottom plate into a whole bottom plate. When the bottom plate is worn, surfacing is carried out. This bottom plate was modified at the end of 1997 and has been used for many years. It is better understood that there is no obvious adverse effect on the quality of wood chips after the modification

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