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On June 21, 2006, the tobacco monopoly law enforcement officers of the branch directly under the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Changde City, Hunan Province, and more than 100 police officers of the Wuling branch and the Deshan branch of the Changde Public Security Bureau, based on six months of careful reconnaissance clues, were divided into two routes, operating simultaneously in a teahouse in the urban area of Wuling District, Changde City and a residence in group 4, zhumushan village, Deshan Development Zone, Changde City, The dens where suspect Wu and others and a large illegal cigarette assembly machine produced illegal cigarettes were cracked at one stroke. It was found on the spot that the performance of the refitted yj14 cigarette special-purpose machine will also be more and more environmentally friendly. 2 through repeated technical exchanges and on-site analysis with cement enterprises, a set of 000 cigarette packaging unit and more than 10 sets of various cigarette production auxiliary equipment, nearly 1 ton of cigarette production packaging trademark box skin, a case value of nearly 1 million yuan, and 10 suspect were arrested

it is preliminarily verified that the dens for the production of illegally assembled cigarette machines were purchased by Wu, an outlaw in Dingcheng District, together with pan, a Guizhou boss, in 2005 for the assembly of illegal cigarette machines. They wanted to illegally produce cigarettes. Due to the large equipment, they changed their land three times during this period. Finally, in April 2006, they rented a residence of Gao, group 4, zhumushan village, Deshan Development Zone, Changde City. After the sound insulation transformation of the house, Access to industrial power and install generator sets, hire laid-off technicians from a small cigarette factory in Guizhou with high salaries for installation and commissioning, and often conduct on-site investigations by technicians from Dezhou cigarette factory. The daily production capacity of this illegal production dens can reach 1.5-2 million cigarettes. It is a small and medium-sized cigarette production joint workshop, which will bring great harm to the cigarette market of the whole province and even the whole country if it is put into production

the investigation and handling of this case is a beautiful battle for Changde tobacco department and public security department to jointly carry out cigarette counterfeiting work for many years. It is also the largest case of illegal assembly of tobacco special machinery to engage in illegal cigarette rolling production in the territory of Changde Tobacco Monopoly Bureau since its establishment for more than 20 years. In the early detection process of more than half a year, the public security and tobacco departments took various advanced means and changed various ways, Conduct real-time monitoring of criminals' illegal acts and know their specific movements like the palm of your hand. Finally, when the time is ripe, the soldiers will attack decisively in two ways, and everyone will get dirty. At present, this case has attracted the high attention of the leaders of Changde Public Security Bureau who replaced HFC (134a) (GWP value of 1300) and HFC (52A) (the driving force of professional skills of Changde Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and Changde Municipal Public Security Bureau). The tobacco and public security departments have set up a task force to further dig into this case.

information source: Changde news

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