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Human resource management in ERP project

an ERP implementation project involves a wide range of aspects. From a large perspective, including software, hardware and services, is a vast system engineering. From a small perspective, the planning, organization, resource allocation, control and coordination of the project are indispensable conditions for the success of the project

there is a big saying that all problems will ultimately come down to people. It can be seen how important human resource management is in the implementation of ERP projects

erp project in addition to the implementation advisory group of the consulting company, the enterprise generally has twoorthree groups: ERP project leading group or working group, ERP project implementation group

the functions and priorities of each group are different

erp project leading group is headed by the general manager and mainly makes final decisions on major issues affecting the overall progress of the project. The project working group is mainly composed of middle-level leaders of the Department, responsible for the daily coordination of ERP project, listening to the work report of ERP project implementation group, coordinating the business relationship between the project team and other departments of the enterprise, and ensuring the smooth progress of the project

The ERP project implementation team is the executor of the specific work of the project. The implementation team is composed of technicians from the IT department, managers from the business department and some middle-level leaders. Most of its staff are the business backbones of various departments. Unlike the first two team members, most of them need to be full-time in ERP projects

the quality of the implementation team is the key to the success or failure of the project implementation. Now let's focus on the requirements for these personnel

personnel quality: first of all, it is required to be a business backbone, familiar with the specific business of the Department. Secondly, we should be able to examine the relationship between business processes and departments from the perspective of the whole company, comprehensively consider the flow of data and the sharing of information, and abandon Department departmentalism

time guarantee: in different stages of the project, the time requirements for different project implementation team personnel are not completely consistent. However, it should be ensured that the members of the implementation team devote more than 80% of their time and energy to the work related to the project, including theoretical learning, ERP software module learning, basic data collection and collation, implementation plan and method discussion, and teaching specific business personnel operational skills. In the necessary stage of project implementation, we should ensure full-time focus on project implementation, and there must be time guarantee. This must be supported by the leaders of all departments. Anqing City summarizes many years of development experience

learning and training: learning and training will run through the whole process of project implementation. Due to the huge and complex ERP system, the members of the implementation team are required to ensure sufficient time for learning. There are many forms of learning and training, including teaching by consultants, self-study, mutual discussion, overseas training and teaching to others

authorization: after a period of learning and project implementation, the members of the implementation team become compound talents who understand both business and management and software. They can deeply understand the business needs and implementation methods, and have the ability to put forward improvement suggestions to achieve management goals. At this time, leaders at all levels must fully authorize. Once the business operation methods of the modules in the charge of the implementation team members are determined, they should be implemented. Before that, the members of the implementation team can solicit opinions from relevant departments and leaders on behalf of the implementation project team, and the failure of the corresponding personnel to give feedback within the specified time is deemed as approval. Departments that affect the progress and quality of the whole project due to insufficient authorization will be punished according to the reward and punishment mechanism

reward mechanism: the implementation of ERP project is a huge system engineering, which can be said to affect the whole body. While completing the existing tasks, the members of the implementation team have added many tasks, such as learning, training, discussion, analysis and collection of data, sorting out basic data, standardizing processes and data, etc. An effective reward and punishment mechanism must be established in order to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of implementation personnel. The specific work to be carried out will be decomposed into the punch pressing depth (mm) to the person and department at this time as an important basis for their work assessment. At an appropriate time, the project leading group shall give special awards to those who have made outstanding contributions

personnel screening and updating: the personnel in the implementation team who are not competent for the implementation work for various reasons will be adjusted according to the situation after a period of observation

the position of the members of the implementation team in the future enterprise development and business management: they can be used for the steel strand experiment (please specify when ordering) to be familiar with the relationship between the businesses of the enterprise and the relationship between departments, can participate in the management reform such as new process design and Department adjustment, and can well connect the management objectives with the functions of ERP system, Through training for a period of time, they can be enriched into management positions, combine it means with management practice, and become a new generation of managers who can skillfully apply modern management means. This is the only way for enterprises to realize management modernization, younger and knowledgeable cadres, and an excellent way to cultivate, retain and make good use of talents. They are the hope and backbone for the prosperity of enterprises

Human resource management in ERP project is a dynamic and continuous process. Everyone knows that human management is the most important and complex in an enterprise. For an ERP project, 30% of the time and energy are in technology and 70% are in human work. Therefore, human resource management is the core part of ERP project management, and we must not underestimate it when we are doing projects

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