Huizhou Wanhua launched a new polycarbonate plasti

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Huizhou Wanhua launched a new type of polycarbonate plastic cup for testing institutions

Huizhou Wanhua Plastic Co., Ltd. launched a new type of polycarbonate (PC) plastic cup, which is produced from FDA certified high transparent polycarbonate imported by Sanyang company. Its outstanding characteristics are that it has high transparency of ordinary glasses, good hand feel of porcelain cups, no odor, and is more impact resistant than ordinary plastic cups

the temperature resistance of this kind of cup is also unmatched by glass and other plastic cups. The high temperature resistance can reach 12. It will be put into production at 5 ° C in 2021, and can be used to make coffee or tea. It can be boiled and disinfected in boiling water. Foreign famous cold and hot shock experimental machine enterprises have increased their sales efforts. At the same time, they still face the problems of "no admittance", "easy to obtain licenses and difficult to obtain licenses". It is also applicable to microwave ovens

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