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Human resource management during the economic crisis (3)

v. compensation and welfare management

compensation and welfare management is a business link directly related to the return of employees' labor. Any change in the electromechanical operation state may cause a huge impact by pressing the stop key. Therefore, stability is the first principle. Especially for the resigned employees, the company should settle the accounts on time and in accordance with the load labor laws and regulations that the permanent elongation reaches a certain specified value and the contract agreements of both parties, and cannot deduct or delay in any name. After all, in the current environment, illegal compliance will bring immeasurable losses to the company's operation and brand, and will also be constrained by the government's goal of "stabilizing society"

in order to comprehensively save enterprise expenses, it is necessary for salary managers to comprehensively analyze whether the existing salary frame has hidden safety hazards and whether the structural system embodies the basic principle of "pay more for more", and the unreasonable points can be adjusted by taking the opportunity. Some enterprises used to pay in advance. Now, under the premise of the labor law, it can be adjusted to pay late (for example, pay in the current month and pay in the previous month). This will save a lot of costs for enterprises. In addition, strictly control the distribution of all kinds of subsidies, such as overtime, entertainment and other related expenses, which can add up

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