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Humanized design of packaging machinery

[China Packaging News] from the perspective of equipment use, domestic packaging equipment still has some deficiencies in humanized design and easy operation of automatic control, which reflects that the domestic packaging machinery industry is not in place to collect user feedback and adjust the equipment

take the automatic packing machine as an example, how to design the carton storage chain and the height of the chain. Relying on technical resources and customer advantages, we can win market share. Using straight wood powder as an organic filler of plastic will affect the humanization of operation

according to repeated tests and designs, the German pester back-end packaging equipment supplier finally achieved a good balance with a chain height of 730mm and a maximum of 60 cartons of about 7mm thick at one time. Such a design can not only save the labor intensity of the operator to the greatest extent, but also enable the operator to spare more energy to complete the operation, monitoring and solving unexpected problems of other equipment

only by fully considering the feelings of users and carefully designing equipment that is more humanized and more in line with the needs of users, can China's packaging machinery industry occupy the user market at home and abroad and improve the industry level and position

China's packaging and processing enterprises also need to improve their management level. First of all, more technicians need to participate in the international packaging machinery exhibition, so that they can absorb the advanced design concepts of foreign packaging machinery and apply them to the actual design work

secondly, select accessories and components of better brands according to actual use experience, improve the long-term service performance of the equipment, and establish the corresponding use traceability system of spare parts

thirdly, establish a resource sharing system through modern network means, so that various design concepts, information resources and cutting-edge information within the company can be quickly shared and blended

finally, only with perfect human resource relations can the company introduce and retain excellent talents, so as to ensure the innovation and vitality of the industry. At present, some excellent domestic packaging machinery enterprises in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places are rising. They have a perfect research and development team and management system. The idea of paying attention to innovation and research and development has led to the continuous development and growth of enterprises, and their products have been recognized by foreign users

while reflecting on how China's packaging machinery industry also believes that this is an opportunity to break through the siege and innovate and develop, we should call on relevant specialized supporting industries (such as machining, spare parts, etc.) to continue to improve and expand, and give greater support to the packaging machinery industry

only in this way can the whole industry chain develop healthily and produce large-scale complete sets of high-precision and professional production lines to meet the huge demand for packaging machinery in China and the world in the future

at the same time, in the face of such a large use market and the competitive pressure brought by foreign leading enterprises, China's packaging machinery industry has broad learning space. At the important moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading and product upgrading, domestic enterprises need to develop enterprises and enhance competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude through independent innovation and in-depth digestion, in order to become a giant in the packaging machinery industry

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