Human resource management of the manager and team

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Human resource management of department managers and team leaders

to a large extent, the effectiveness of human resource management in an enterprise depends not on the human resource management department and its work effectiveness, but on the awareness and actions of all departments and department managers in human resource management, including:

1, the awareness and awareness of department managers about enterprise and employees, human resource management, etc; New ideas of human resource management

2. Knowledge and familiarity with the enterprise's human resource management system, and the effectiveness of cooperating with the human resource department

3. Follow the initiative and quality of enterprise personnel workflow

4. Department managers' mastery of human resource management skills

5. The ability of department managers to combine professional management, working methods, work plans and other elements with human resource management skills

1. Basic understanding requirements for department managers:

1. Social attributes of enterprises and people, enterprises and employees are social

2. Developing enterprises need to establish and form a harmonious relationship between enterprises and employees to promote interaction and win-win development:

3. Department managers and employees occupy active and passive positions in "management": management = Managing Director + managing director

second, put forward normative requirements for department managers:

the more non human resource managers know about the work of human resource departments and human resource management systems and workflow, the closer they cooperate with the personnel department and the more harmonious they communicate, the more helpful they will be in human resource management for the whole enterprise to start from a production line

1. Department managers need to be familiar with the enterprise's personnel management system and follow the enterprise's personnel workflow

2. Department managers need to understand the human resources department of the enterprise and its settings and functions; Human resources department functions, Haier human resources management standards

3. What support and help can the human resources department provide to their department and professional work

4. What can department managers do in human resource management? From the beginning of recruitment, all human resource management work of the enterprise needs the cooperation of departments and department managers, especially in the following aspects:

(1) recruitment

(2) trial

(3) training

(medical devices have high requirements for raw material quality and manufacturing precision 4) turnover and resignation

(5) attendance, overtime

(6) rewards and punishments

(7) salary, assessment Incentives (circular progressive assessment method)

(8) personnel files

(9) corporate culture

5. Elements that department managers must master and apply first:

(1) employee quality map

(2) enterprise grade map

(3) employee handbook

(4) cultural ideas

(5) job description

(6) social employee career planning

iii.basic ability requirements for department managers in terms of human resources:

1. For overtime Labor cost control and contribution ability

2, contribution ability to personnel retention and reasonable flow

3, ability to excavate and motivate employees' enthusiasm

4, ability to stimulate and apply employees' creativity with festive labels

5, ability to train, cultivate and improve the quality of subordinates

6, ability to promote themselves and subordinates to jointly realize social values

4 Put forward innovative requirements for department managers:

1. Grasp the basic methods and principles of innovation

2. New concepts that managers should establish and possess

3. Managers should creatively build enterprise culture and department culture; Innovative construction of department culture concept and enterprise culture. (end)

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