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Children's food packaging needs to strengthen humanized design

with people's high cost of food safety, increasing attention and the continuous improvement of living standards, the domestic food market also began to appear fine differentiation, and the children's food market is also increasingly valued by manufacturers. More and more manufacturers began to participate in the development of children's food market. In order to subdivide the products and differentiate the era of high nickel ternary as the king, the oligarchs at home and abroad of Li cathode materials have alienated their layout, and natural food bottle packaging has also appeared in children's food bottle packaging. At present, most of the children's food bottle packaging in the market will customize the outer packaging with cartoon concrete vibration, animal image, etc., in order to win children's love and favor

however, it should be said that there are still many problems in the current children's food market. In fact, the formula of many children's food is almost the same as that of adult food, but the packaging of food bottles has been changed. This is a very bad practice, which is not conducive to the long-term development of children's food market

for the packaging of children's food bottles, although more and more children's consumers are attracted by cartoons and animal images, too little attention is paid to the functionality and humanization of children's food bottles, which is the focus that needs to be improved

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