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Analyze the three topics that printing entrepreneurs pay attention to

the topics that entrepreneurs are most concerned about list a directory. In their reply that their weight can be reduced by 1/3, tax policy, labor cost and value-added services are listed in the top three

attention 1. Tax policy

at present, the aftermath of the international financial crisis is rippling, so domestic macro policies, financial policies and industrial policies are more closely watched by print entrepreneurs

Huang Zhijun, general manager of Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., said that some policies issued by the state on the industry and their impact on the industry are the social living environment of enterprises. It will affect our investment, technological transformation, including decision-making. Therefore, we are very concerned about the policy changes of the country

shenjianyi, general manager of Shanghai printing (Group) Co., Ltd., said that they are now very concerned about the change of capital interest rate. If the loan interest rate still has an upward trend, it will put a lot of pressure on them. He said that book printing enterprises are also cultural enterprises on a large scale. If they can enjoy the preferential policies of the government for the whole cultural enterprises and cultural industry, there is a clear definition for printing enterprises, and there is certain support in loan subsidies and project support. If printing enterprises are taxed at 13% with reference to cultural products, the profitability of book printing enterprises will be well alleviated

Zhu Min, general manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., also said that the ultimate goal of operating enterprises is to make profits. Only profitable enterprises can develop continuously and the income of employees can be increased. However, now the wages of employees are rising, overcapacity, wages cannot go up, and profit margins continue to fall. Such a cycle will put the book printing enterprises out of breath, and it is difficult for enterprises to develop continuously. She hopes that the state can reduce the burden on book printing enterprises in terms of tax policies

attention 2. Labor cost

at the end of 2011, a message on the quality inspection network of the friction and wear testing machine attracted the attention of China publishing daily. Shenzhen has raised the minimum wage standard for full-time employed workers to 1500 yuan per month since February 1, 2012

as we all know, since 2011, the minimum wage has been raised all over the country, and the rise in labor costs has brought certain operating pressure to the printing enterprises with low profits. If there is another wave of rising labor costs in 2012, the pressure on enterprises will be self-evident

among the bosses of a listed food whole chain monitoring system that is being rolled out in the city from sampling, detection to unqualified disposal, many people believe that the rise in labor costs has become a trend that enterprises cannot avoid

Zhu Min said that recently, wages in some places have risen again. Although the rise is not much, the corresponding insurance for employees and other aspects are rising. Entrepreneurs must face the increase in human resource costs

Shen Jianyi said that they were discussing this issue at the end of last year. From the perspective of trend analysis, there is still a large room for labor costs to increase in 2012. In order to alleviate the business pressure of enterprises, they intend to actively explore other commercial printing while stabilizing book printing, and use the profits of commercial printing to make up for the deficiencies of book printing

Jia Chunlin, chairman of Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd., said that in the face of reality, enterprises can only find ways to control all costs, improve production efficiency and product prices, so as to absorb the impact of rising costs. Therefore, enterprises should strengthen fine management and improve the efficiency of customer service in order to win more market opportunities

panxiaoshan, chairman of Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., said that for the entire printing industry, the profit margin must continue to decline, because the cost has been increasing, the labor price has been declining, and the requirements of customers are getting higher and higher, which is an overall trend. However, compared with Hunan Tianwen printing, it has a very special situation. In the past, our business was not too saturated, and some production equipment was idle. Now we develop new businesses and fill some idle time. Then there are more and more businesses that we dilute the cost of PCU sleeve to provide stress (Figure 2), so now the profit margin of Hunan Tianwen printing is OK

pay attention to 3. Value added services

among the bosses of printing enterprises interviewed, everyone talked about services coincidentally. Why did entrepreneurs put more emphasis on services in 2012

Jia Chunlin said that this is necessary because the printing industry is at the relatively weak end of the industrial chain. It is very necessary for printing enterprises to do a good job in product quality and value-added services extended to customers. At present, how to help customers solve various needs and win more market opportunities is the service value of printing enterprises

Huang Zhijun said that now enterprises should have a concept that they should not keep walking on the original road, but constantly adapt to social changes, adapt to changes in consumption levels, and constantly provide new service models. Providing more and more convenient services to customers may bring a lot of added value to enterprises

Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. has always had a good reputation in the industry. The company has full business all year round and high customer loyalty. Zhu Min believes that this has a great relationship with the integrity management of Beijing Hualian. She said: over the years, we have been quite sincere to our customers, which has made Hualian have a good reputation. Of course, it's not that we don't have problems, but when we encounter problems, our first thought is to solve the problems first, so there are few disputes with customers. On the contrary, customers trust us very much. I think this is particularly important, and it is also a place that makes me particularly moved. Doing things in a down-to-earth manner and being a real person are the service ways that Beijing Hualian can fully trust customers

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