Environmental protection design of all links of th

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Environmental protection design of all links of packaging products

environmental protection design of materials

environmental protection materials refer to materials with good environmental compatibility on the premise of meeting general functional requirements. Choosing environmental protection materials is one of the prerequisites and key factors for developing environmental protection products. When selecting raw materials, we should pay attention to the following principles:

(1) give priority to renewable materials, try to use recycled materials, improve resource utilization, and achieve sustainable development

(2) try to choose materials with less energy consumption and low pollution

(3) try to choose materials with good environmental compatibility and avoid toxic, harmful and radioactive materials. The materials used should be easy to be recycled, reused, remanufactured or degraded

environmental protection design of process

the realization ways of environmental protection process mainly include the following aspects:

(1) change the input mode of raw materials, use them in place, and then benefit the rapid development of wood plastic composites, so that China's plastic and wood industry has ushered in the spring with valuable by-products and recycled products, and peony ring uses all kinds of materials in the process

(2) change the production process or manufacturing technology, improve the process control, and transform the original equipment to minimize the consumption of raw materials, waste generation, energy consumption, health and safety risks and ecological damage

(3) try to use the natural environment, conduct corresponding environmental assessment on air, soil, water and waste discharge, and determine its impact on biodiversity, human health and natural resources according to the relative scale of environmental load

environmental protection design of products

environmental protection packaging is not only a packaging that meets environmental protection requirements, but also harmless to human health. In the design, the following methods can be adopted for environmental protection packaging design:

(1) save and simplify packaging by improving old technology and adopting new technology. At present, the phenomenon of "over packaging" in the international market has exceeded the requirements of packaging function and design needs, which not only wastes resources but also aggravates environmental pollution. Environmentally friendly packaging products should try to avoid this situation

(2) strengthen the recycling and reuse technology and development of packaging materials, recycle the existing packaging waste, and develop corresponding (5) alternative packaging products with accelerated pace of technological innovation in the industry

(3) by changing the product structure, we can reduce the weight of products, achieve the effect of improving and reducing costs, and reduce the adverse impact on the environment

(4) improve the internal structural strength of products and reduce the risk of damage during transportation, so as to reduce packaging materials and reduce packaging costs

environmental protection design of recycling treatment

in the design of environmental protection products, when evaluating a reuse scheme, the utilization of raw materials and energy, environmental load, safety, reliability and cost are important factors. Their relationship is as follows:

social benefits of recycling = value of daily necessities + reduced total disposal fees - collection and processing fees

when considering the efficiency and cost of repetition, Germany put forward the "take back" recycling policy, which is a new understanding of design. Products are not sold to consumers, but "rented" from manufacturers, which not only reduces the environmental load but also saves costs. Therefore, in order to make production easy to recycle and have greater commercial value, enterprises should try to carry out removable design in the development of environmental protection products. Product detachability refers to the design that some parts of a product can be disassembled and used after use. It connects output (waste and waste products, etc.) with input (raw materials) through the product design process, so as to create an environment-friendly product design idea and practice. At present, design for disassembly (DFD) mainly focuses on non-destructive disassembly. Now, many foreign enterprises have adopted removable design and developed popular environmental protection products

environmental protection in the use process materials and design used in manufacturing and processing

products will consume resources and bring burden to the environment in the use process. Therefore, sufficient attention should be paid to the problems of energy consumption and environmental pollution caused by product use in the product design stage. The design of environmental protection products should be oriented to the use process of products, combined with the use characteristics and working methods of products, adopt advanced processes and technologies, improve the design scheme, and minimize the energy consumption of products in use

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