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Zhengwei environmental monitoring has become an important part of energy conservation and emission reduction

recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a notice on the "key points of national environmental monitoring in 2010" to the environmental protection departments of all regions and cities in the form of No. 1 document of the environmental protection office in 2010, and rearranged the environmental monitoring work in 2010

2010 is the closing year of the eleventh five year plan, and it is also the year of the twelfth five year plan. Doing a good job in environmental monitoring this year is not only a summary of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for emission reduction, but also provides an important basis for the Twelfth Five Year Plan

in 2010, with structural adjustment as the key word, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the top priority. Reducing pollutant emissions, strengthening the construction of key projects for energy conservation and emission reduction, and strengthening ecological protection and environmental governance are of great significance for realizing the transformation of energy structure and controlling environmental pollution, of which environmental monitoring has become an important link

although the emission reduction work achieved gratifying results in 2009, as of the end of 2009, more new material enterprises were encouraged to meet their actual and development needs. By the end of 9 years, the emission reduction task of sulfur dioxide determined in China's eleventh five year plan has been completed one year ahead of schedule, and the chemical oxygen demand has also completed 96.6% of the reduction task. There is no doubt that the emission reduction target will be achieved this year. However, according to the current situation of our country, the environmental problems are still extremely serious, and energy conservation and emission reduction still need to be overcome. Therefore, it is of great significance to make the 12th Five Year Plan for energy conservation and emission reduction, which determines that the environmental monitoring work in 2010 should be more systematic, comprehensive and standardized. As an important year connecting the preceding and the following, the key points of environmental monitoring in 2010 also highlights its uniqueness

first, the expansion of environmental monitoring scope. The "key points" pointed out that we should actively carry out the monitoring of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. At the same time, we should strengthen the monitoring of sulfur dioxide in the air and permanganate index in surface water, and verify the effectiveness of total emission reduction of major pollutants according to their concentration changes. Since 2006, China has proposed to strengthen the monitoring of the main pollutants sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. While strengthening the supervision of policies and regulations, the Chinese government has also made careful deployment in the monitoring equipment. The pollution source monitoring system produced by Shanghai Zhengwei has become an important choice

Shanghai Zhengwei monitoring system has important applications in various key industries in China, including industrial field, single set of financial devices with a range of 100 tons/year, power, rail transit, gambling, security and other industries. As the importance of environmental protection has become increasingly prominent, Zhengwei has begun to devote himself to environmental protection and launched various environmental protection products, such as automatic monitoring systems, water and gas monitoring systems, and water pollution monitoring systems

Zhengwei's pollution source monitoring system can not only monitor gaseous pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and carbon monoxide, but also monitor liquid pollutants. On the one hand, it realizes the characteristics of real-time data monitoring, and meets the monitoring environmental characteristics of scattered monitoring points and wide distribution range

secondly, it emphasizes the people's right to know about the environment. The key points emphasizes the need to release automatic monitoring data of environmental quality in real time to further meet the people's right to know about the environment

thirdly, it is emphasized to strengthen the monitoring of heavy metals. The key points clearly emphasizes the need to monitor the environmental quality of heavy metal pollution sources and their surrounding environment sensitive areas. The prevention and control of heavy metal pollution has been put in a more urgent and important position

finally, it is emphasized to strengthen the effectiveness audit of automatic monitoring data of key pollution sources in state-controlled enterprises. The "key points" clearly pointed out that it is necessary to carefully carry out the audit of the effectiveness of the automatic monitoring data of key pollution sources of state-controlled enterprises, which are mainly used for metal and non-metal stretching, tightening, twists and turns, and to perform the supervision responsibility of the normal operation of the automatic monitoring equipment to meet the needs of the domestic rapid development of the automotive industry. Through independent innovation and technological research and development, the automatic monitoring system of environmental pollution sources produced by Zhengwei can well help state-owned enterprises complete data monitoring. At the same time, the accurate monitoring ability of products ensures the smooth completion of monitoring work

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