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Environmental protection agencies in many provinces and cities have suspended the procurement of PM2.5 monitoring instruments

although the release of PM2.5 monitoring data is pressing, the procurement of equipment used to monitor PM2.5 in major cities in mainland China has been suspended. Because the environmental protection departments in these cities do not know whether the monitoring equipment and standards that have been used for more than a decade can continue to be used before they can choose products according to their needs

everything stems from the "concussion balance method" - PM2.5 and PM10 values of most first tier cities in China are obtained from the instrument monitoring of this technical method. However, the survey found that the PM10 and PM2.5 values monitored by the monitoring equipment produced by thermofisher scientific (Thermo Fisher Scientific) based on this technical method are generally 15% lower than those measured by the monitoring equipment used in the United States and embassies. At present, China environmental monitoring station has noticed this problem

however, as the authoritative institution for the formulation of China's environmental monitoring technical standards, China environmental monitoring station is also in a dilemma. If the oscillating balance instrument is not reformed, it means that China's PM2.5 monitoring work has been on the road with disease before it starts. "But if we recognize this problem, it means whether we recognize that there has been a huge deviation in the previous monitoring results of PM10 data in China." A person close to China Environmental Monitoring Station told

since January 8th, 2012, the technical specifications for PM2.5 monitoring have entered the preliminary test and formulation stage. Time has not been equal to "people"

suspension of equipment procurement

due to the unclear attitude of China environmental protection monitoring station towards the concussion balance method, many local environmental protection monitoring institutions, including Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin, have suspended the procurement of PM2.5 monitoring equipment

"we have stopped further machine procurement. At the same time, we are also asking Beijing through various channels whether the original oscillating balance equipment must be equipped with FDMS analyzer or whether it needs to be replaced with β Radiographic equipment? " A person in charge of a local environmental protection monitoring organization told

after finding that the monitoring result of the oscillating balance method was 15% lower than the normal value, its main manufacturer thermofisher scientific (Thermo Fisher Scientific) designed and produced an FDMS analyzer to correct the monitoring result. However, neither the company nor local governments in China have proposed to transform the original equipment

"of course, we know that the value measured by the oscillating balance method is low, so we buy it when it is low." On February 13, a former head of a local environmental protection monitoring station told this newspaper, "it is uncertain whether local environmental protection directors know this, but the head of the station in charge of monitoring must know it."

the latest set of concussion balance equipment was purchased from Haikou City, Hainan Province. On December 30, 2011, the announcement of the procurement center of Haikou municipal government "on the public bidding procurement of the double channel micro concussion balance atmospheric particle automatic monitoring instrument project" appeared on the station of Haikou Municipal Department of finance. According to Chen Zeyuan, the person in charge of the procurement project, Haikou purchased a dual channel product from thermofisher scientific of the United States that can simultaneously measure PM10 and PM2.5 at the end of June this year, but it was not equipped with FDMS. "For this measurement method, the value ratio is displayed β We have heard that the ray method is 15% lower. " Chen said, "we just bought one in accordance with national requirements and public attention."

Henan environmental monitoring center station is also a major purchasing province of concussion balance method equipment. In 2009, the construction project of air automatic monitoring system in key areas of comprehensive environmental improvement in Henan Province purchased 15 sets of shaking balance PM10 analyzers. Xu Guanghua, the head of Henan environmental monitoring station, said, "although the PM10 monitoring equipment in Henan Province was purchased in 2009, due to the lagging work, the equipment was not used until the second half of 2011." As for whether these devices are equipped with fdmx, Xu Guanghua replied that "some are installed", but did not make further explanation

according to the above unnamed person, the reason why the environmental protection department is so sensitive at present is that it involves the accuracy of the blue sky number, air quality compliance and energy conservation and emission reduction data previously reported by environmental protection agencies at all levels

"The final monitoring method is not a big problem. The key is to make clear that the oscillating balance instrument must be used in conjunction with FDMS. If the low measurement value cannot be fundamentally corrected, it will mislead the national decision on air pollution control. In addition, if the measured value of the oscillating balance equipment is announced to be inaccurate, our environmental protection data for nearly 10 years may have serious deviation, so it is very suitable for making softball shoes, baseball shoes The sole and forefoot of golf shoes and football shoes. We imported this equipment from the United States, but it has such a big defect. Who will bear this? " The person said

"At present, the Ministry of environmental protection and the general monitoring station have different performances on this matter due to their different responsibilities. The Ministry of environmental protection intends to consider it comprehensively, focusing on energy conservation and emission reduction, but the general monitoring station represents the technical authority. At present, the attitude of the Ministry of environmental protection is to promote this matter, but the general monitoring station hopes to minimize its own, because if it continues, it means that the general station will deny its previous standard judgment, which is very uncomfortable." An expert close to the Ministry of environmental protection analyzed

since February 6, China national environmental monitoring station has issued a total of 6 drafts on the official station of the station for the progress of PM2.5 comparison test. However, the content of the draft did not disclose the detailed progress. The China National Environmental Monitoring Station rejected the newspaper's application for an interview

equipment manufacturer Xuanji

according to the news released by the China national environmental monitoring station, since January 8, 2012, the atmospheric chamber of the national environmental monitoring station has successively mobilized nine kinds of PM2.5 automatic monitoring instruments from Chinese and American companies (including teom1405f, teom1405, fh62c14, 5030-sharp and other models of PM2.5 monitors from thermofisher scientific, bam-1020pm2.5 monitors from MetOne Hebei Xianhe environmental protection company xhpm-2000e monitor, Beijing Zhongsheng Tyco company 7201 monitor, Wuhan Tianhong company th2000tm monitor, Anhui Landun optoelectronic company TEOM monitor) and four kinds of manual sampling monitoring instruments from domestic and foreign manufacturers in the United States, began to carry out the Applicability Comparison Test of PM2.5 automatic monitoring methods

a person participating in the experimental comparison told that from the current monitoring situation, bam-1020pm2.5 monitor of American MetOne company and xhpm-2000e monitor of Hebei Xianhe environmental protection company adopted β The results of ray monitoring are consistent. However, the instrument data of thermofisherscientific (Thermo Fisher Scientific) without FDMS has large deviation and is unstable. The value sometimes deviates by 20% to 40%. The instrument value with FDMS and β The monitoring results of ray method are basically consistent

for this reason, we contacted many technicians, constructors and supervisors of polyurea project of thermofisher scientific in the United States. Zhou Xiaobin, general manager of Environmental Business Department of polyurea technical training department, was lack of formal. For the media's response to the company's concussion balance method, the numerical ratio is β According to the report that the ray method is 15% lower, Zhou said that FDMS is not required for monitoring PM10 in the EPA certification of the United States, but only for monitoring PM2.5. For this method, the natural ratio β Ray method is 15% lower, "this is only related to β The comparison of ray method is not the comparison with standard method. " Zhouxiaobin said

as for the future response to the PM2.5 market, zhouxiaobin also mentioned that the company has proprietary technology for the concussion balance method. But there are also β Products of X-ray method

it is learned that environmental monitoring equipment providers from the United States and China have frequently visited China's environmental monitoring station since January. The oscillating balance method and β The representative enterprises of ray method are forming different forces. Behind the frequent public relations, they aim at the future PM2.5 monitoring market of 3billion yuan cake

as for whether the sold instruments without FDMS will be recalled, Zhou Xiaobin said that he would wait for the introduction of national technical standards

unbearable weight

China's environmental protection department responded quickly to the controversy and storm over the air quality monitoring results caused by PM2.5. At the end of December, 2011, the new ambient air quality standard approved at the executive meeting of the Ministry of environmental protection added the average concentration limit of PM2.5 for the first time. Since 2012, PM2.5 monitoring will be carried out in key regions such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, as well as municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities. So far, an important indicator that has been neglected for a long time in the past has finally been included in the scope of air quality monitoring

however, the above-mentioned experts close to the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that in November 2011, when the U.S. Embassy began to release Beijing PM2.5 monitoring data, it was just before the international climate conference. The industry was not unaware of the equipment defects of the U.S. company, so public opinion problems were inevitable. "The environmental protection department responded quickly from the perspective of people's livelihood, but now it has become more and more aware of the heavy burden after this. The PM2.5 data may be particularly serious, which means that the governance investment of PM2.5 will be very large. Now these investments are not calculable." The expert sighed to

according to statistics, at present, more than 20 cities in China have announced the PM2.5 monitoring plan. Zhou Rong, director of Greenpeace climate and energy project, judged that China has no corresponding solution to the current serious air pollution problem. "PM2.5 is not the key. The core is how to solve the problem. At present, the concentrated view in the industry is that it will take China at least 30 years to solve this pollution problem."

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