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Bayer 30000 tons/year polyurethane project environmental impact publicity

polyurethane project environmental impact assessment publicity

release unit: Xitu Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

release date: November 25, 2010

I. Description

Xitu Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is subject to Bayer materials technology power frequency of 50Hz; (China) Co., Ltd. entrusted Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. to conduct an environmental impact assessment on the 30000 ton/year polyurethane material construction project. The first information release is now made to the public in accordance with national and municipal laws and regulations

Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. and Xitu Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are responsible for the authenticity of the information released at this stage. With the implementation process of the project and the implementation of environmental impact assessment, relevant information will be improved or adjusted

II Outline of construction project

(1) project name: Bayer Material Technology (China) Co., Ltd. annual 30000 ton polyurethane material construction project

(2) project location: plot D200, No. 82, Muhua Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone

(3) industry of the project: chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry

(4) project content

Bayer Material Technology (China) The company plans to invest in the production project of polyurethane materials in Bayer integrated base in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, with an annual production scale of 30000 tons of polyurethane material pur. The products are polyol mixed products, which are raw materials for the production of polyurethane

III. overview of the construction unit

(1) name of the construction unit: Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd.

(2) address of the construction unit: No. 82, Muhua Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone

(3) contact person of the construction unit: Mr. Zhu

(4) contact information of the construction unit:

IV Outline of the environmental assessment institution

(1) name of the environmental assessment institution: Xitu Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

(2) certificate number of the assessment institution: Yizi No. 1823

(3) address of the assessment institution: 8th floor, building 1, ganghui Plaza, No. 1 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai (post code: 200030)

(4) contact person of the assessment institution: Mr. Hou


(5) contact information of the assessment institution: fly-21cn @

v Environmental impact assessment procedures and main work contents

(1) preparation stage: study relevant documents: including national and local laws and regulations, development planning and functional zoning, technical guidelines and relevant standards, construction project basis, feasibility study data and other relevant technical data; Preliminary engineering analysis: clarify the engineering composition of the construction project, and determine the pollution discharge links and main pollutants according to the process flow; At present, some electronic parts and circuit boards are 10 points sensitive to static electricity in the environment of the environmental impact area of the construction project; Combined with the preliminary engineering analysis and environmental status investigation data, identify the environmental impact factors of the project, screen the main environmental impact assessment factors according to different products, clarify the evaluation focus, and determine the work level of each single environmental impact assessment

(2) formal work stage: further engineering analysis: conduct sufficient environmental status investigation, monitoring and environmental quality status evaluation; Predict the environmental impact of the construction project according to the source strength and environmental quality status materials, evaluate the environmental impact of the construction project, and carry out public investigation; Put forward environmental management measures and engineering measures to reduce environmental pollution and ecological impact

(3) preparation stage of environmental impact report: summarize and analyze the information and data obtained in the second stage, determine the feasibility of project construction from the perspective of environmental protection, give evaluation conclusions and put forward environmental protection measures and suggestions to further mitigate environmental impact; Complete the preparation of environmental impact statement

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