Environmental performance of the hottest water-bas

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Environmental performance of water-based coatings in the defined life cycle

a report aimed at revealing the environmental impact of common exterior wall decoration materials in the life cycle was released to the public today. The life cycle assessment (LCA) report was commissioned by Dow paint materials business department. Once a serious fire hazard is exposed, huayongdao company independently wrote it, and the elastic deformation will disappear. The purpose is to objectively evaluate the environmental performance of the most commonly used water-based coatings for exterior wall decoration in China within the defined life cycle, and compare it with the less commonly used building tiles. This LCA project complies with the requirements of ISO series of international standards (iso14040 and iso14044), and three experts from LCA, coating and ceramic industries were invited to conduct a third-party expert review of the project to express independent third-party views on this LCA

the project studied three water-based coating formulations recommended by Dow Chemical that can reflect the volume concentration (PVC) of common domestic exterior wall coatings and an average formulation of building tiles. The life cycle stages of the study include production, application, maintenance and the end of life cycle (waste treatment), and selected five life cycle environmental indicators: total energy consumption, total water consumption, total solid waste Wastewater chemical oxygen demand (COD) and volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as five environmental impact categories: abiotic resource consumption, greenhouse effect, acidification potential, eutrophication potential and human health toxicity, to evaluate the life cycle environmental performance of the two building materials

the life cycle functional unit of this LCA project evaluation is defined as: covering 1m2 of external walls during 20 years

the survey results show that 8 of the 10 research indicators of building external wall coating show that its environmental impact is smaller than that of building tiles, and it is only higher than building tiles in two indicators. In addition, the investigation also found that titanium dioxide is the main source of environmental impact caused by the production of waterborne coatings. Excluding the influence of raw materials, the coating production process itself has little impact on the environment

"PwC was commissioned to conduct this survey because we are always concerned about the possible impact of the coating industry on the environment", said brucehoechner, general manager of Asia Pacific of Dow paint materials business department, "Our R & D personnel will continue to improve measurement accuracy and work hard to develop solutions to reduce the impact on the environment during the product life cycle, so as to fulfill our commitment to protect the environment."

special note:

1 The data of this LCA project are obtained from a variety of sources, including: production data directly collected by Dow Chemical Factory (only for polymers), literature research on domestic LCA academic papers and relevant national/local/industrial standards, interviews with experts from scientific research institutions and industry associations, and interviews with domestic manufacturers of waterborne coatings/building tiles. For some data that cannot be obtained directly, we made corresponding assumptions based on interviews with experts and verified them with manufacturers

2. Based on the above data and assumptions, the life cycle models of the two materials are established by using PricewaterhouseCoopers' proprietary LCA software teamtm, and the life cycle inventory (LCI) is calculated for analysis and result interpretation, from which a conclusion is drawn

3. Due to the lack of life cycle data in the domestic public domain and some assumptions made in this LCA project, the above LCA results and conclusions inevitably have certain limitations, including:

LCA model. Therefore, the raw material LCI module used in the model is based on European or international average data, and has been adjusted accordingly according to China's situation (mainly China's power) to represent China's raw material production

the representativeness of three water-based paint formulations recommended by Dow Chemical

since there is no corresponding statistical data or national standards, the durability of the two materials is based on interviews with industry experts and manufacturers and the assumption of domestic conditions; The influence of weather and climate conditions in different regions of China is not considered

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