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Publicity of environmental impact assessment of Shanghai Dongsheng synthetic resin for coating project

publicity of environmental impact assessment of Shanghai Dongsheng synthetic resin for coating project

November 26, 2009

[China coating information] released by: Shanghai Institute of chemical industry

release date: November 25, 2009

1 Project Overview:

Project Name: synthetic resin project for coating (phase I project) of Shanghai Dongsheng Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

Project Overview: Shanghai Dongsheng Chemical Products Co., Ltd. plans to invest 82.439 million yuan to build a new synthetic resin project for coating in Fengxian District of Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, covering a total area of about 39852 square meters. The project conforms to the national industrial policy. After discussion, the company determines that the project will be constructed in stages. This project is phase I project, After the completion of phase I, a production scale of 21000 tons/a will be formed

2. Name and contact information of the project construction unit:

construction unit: Shanghai Dongsheng Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

address: building 24, Muhua new village, Zhelin Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai; Postal Code: 201424

contact person: XCMG; Contact:

3 Name and contact information of innovative measures of environmental impact assessment sheet research:

environmental impact assessment unit: Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry

certificate grade: a; Certificate No.: National Environmental Assessment Certificate Jia Zi No. 1806; Business scope: chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical; Metallurgical electromechanical; Social areas; Light industrial textile chemical fiber

contact information: medical support for the upper part of Building 8, No. 345, Yunling East Road, Shanghai: China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China synthetic resin Association, minimally invasive medical devices, Kehui medical, biomedical materials and tissue engineering center, 9 affiliated institutes of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine/Shanghai biomaterials research and testing center Environmental impact assessment center of Haicheng Research Institute of chemical industry, Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering, China Plastics Processing Industry Association; Postal Code: 200062; Contact: Xiao Zi, Xiao Chen;: (021)/1682; Fax:

4. Environmental impact assessment procedures and main work contents

main procedures of environmental impact assessment: on the basis of verifying the engineering data, determining the source and source intensity of the project, combined with the environmental status quo and environmental protection objectives of the construction area, analyze the degree and scope of environmental impact of the project, and evaluate the feasibility of the project construction; Put forward requirements and suggestions for environmental protection measures in combination with national environmental protection policies and regulations, public opinions and environmental impact analysis results

the main work contents of environmental impact assessment include: local environmental status investigation, pollution source investigation, environmental quality background monitoring, engineering analysis, cleaner production analysis, environmental impact prediction and evaluation, environmental risk assessment, pollution prevention and control countermeasure analysis, public participation, environmental management and monitoring plan, environmental impact economic profit and loss analysis, planning compatibility analysis, total amount control, etc, The purpose is to predict the impact of the project on the surrounding environment after the completion of the project and put forward corresponding environmental protection measures by understanding the current situation of the project's sewage discharge and environment

5. Main matters for soliciting public opinions

5.1 adopt the method of Shanghe questionnaire to solicit public opinions and suggestions on the construction of the project

5.2 public opinions and suggestions on the construction of the project include but are not limited to:

(1) views on the environmental quality of water, gas, sound, slag and other major environmental problems in the area where the project construction site is located

(2) understanding of the project

(3) major environmental impacts that may occur or worry about the construction and operation of the project

(4) attitude towards the construction of the project

(5) opinions or suggestions on environmental protection measures and environmental protection management for the construction of the project

5.3 there are two times of information publicity, each time for 10 days. This publicity is the first publicity, and the second publicity is in the late stage of environmental impact assessment. During this period, we will also distribute questionnaires in the surrounding areas of the project to further solicit public opinions. After the completion of the preparation of the environmental impact assessment document, the simplified report will be made public for public consultation. The location and method of public consultation of the simplified report will be described in the second formula at the same time

6. Main ways for the public to put forward their opinions

the public can express their opinions on the construction of the project and the environmental assessment work by calling, sending letters, faxes, etc. to the construction unit and the environmental assessment agency. Please refer to Article 2 and 3 for contact information. The time for the public to put forward their opinions is within 10 working days from the date of publication of this announcement (the postmark date shall prevail for letters). The environmental impact assessment agency will truly record the public's opinions and suggestions in the environmental impact report of the project, and reflect their valuable opinions and suggestions to the project construction unit, design unit and relevant departments

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