Environmental protection and low carbon road of th

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Environmental protection and low carbon road of the coating industry

environmental protection and low carbon road of the coating industry

July 7, 2014

[China coating information] in recent years, coating has become an indispensable important material for social development. In cities, high-rise buildings, roads and bridges, computers in daily life, automotive appliances, or aviation and ships in Pinnacle technology all need coating for decoration or protection, Therefore, paint has become one of the indispensable and important substrates for human development

the so-called low-carbon economy is an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions. It is another major progress of human society after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. With the "carbon footprint", "low-carbon economy", "low-carbon development", "low-carbon city" and a series of new concepts and policies came into being. China's coating industry has also set off a "low-carbon" trend. For a time, many manufacturers and businesses have launched a series of products with "low-carbon coatings" as the selling point. The Chinese coating market, which is good at marketing and following the trend, has once again kept up with the pace of global "low-carbon". Enterprises must assume the corresponding social responsibilities

now, the word "low carbon" seems to become a constant link through time and space. With the continuous progress of living standards, people have realized that due to a series of serious greenhouse effect problems such as high carbon dioxide emissions and global warming, energy conservation and emission reduction has become a major issue for people all over the world. As a coating industry known as high pollution, how to embark on the route of low-carbon economy may be a major issue related to the development of the industry. Foam granulator

the "low carbon" route of the coating industry should not be just a slogan shouted by enterprises to follow the trend, nor just a variety of gimmicks made to achieve marketing purposes, but take the "low carbon" route as the fundamental strategy of enterprise development, and move towards the realization of a real low-carbon economy and route in an all-round way. As we all know, coatings are made from petrochemical raw materials through numerous processes, and coating production is a complex preparation process, from oil and natural gas to chemical products, and then mixed with various chemical products. Each process is likely to emit a large amount of waste gas and sewage, and each process has the potential risk of polluting the environment. It can be seen how "dangerous" the process of coating production is

how to build a bridge between "environmental pollution" and "wide application" for the balanced development of the industry may become a new opportunity for the development of the coating industry

when people realized that formaldehyde, benzene, lead and other substances contained in paint had fatal harm to human body, water-based coatings were born. Water based coatings have experienced a difficult process in China for more than 10 years and have been recognized by more and more Chinese people. From architectural coatings to wood coatings to automotive coatings, we see that more and more fields begin to use water-based coatings, and we also see that more and more enterprises are making great strides towards the field of water-based coatings. At FAW Toyota Shenye distribution store in Shenzhen, 15 children painted paper with a new type of automotive spray paint, so the components of the raw material formula were separated before mixing. Of course, this is not an ordinary coating. It does not have the pungent smell of traditional oily coatings. From the perspective of environmental protection, this coating contains very few volatile organic substances, and it also has an environmental protection name - water-based coating

the wide application of water-based coatings is also due to the progress of R & D technology. This kind of coating with water as solvent or dispersion medium has the characteristics of non-toxic, environment-friendly, odorless, little volatile matter, non combustible and non explosive, which is not only in line with people's pursuit of a healthy life, but also in line with the goal of the development of low-carbon economy in the coating industry

the adjustment and revitalization plan of the ten major industries such as automobile, steel, equipment and petrochemical, which are now hotly discussed, is closely related to the coating industry. The development of these ten industries will effectively promote the market space of automotive coatings, marine coatings, powder coatings and other products. However, in recent years, it is also a year of fundamental changes in energy technology and emission reduction technology innovation, industrial structure and system innovation, as well as the concept of human survival and development. As a low-carbon year for the coating industry, coating enterprises must grasp every opportunity and challenge in the development of the industry, strengthen the research and development of scientific research technology without inserting it into the power socket, so that the coating can reduce the use of energy in every process of preparation, And toxic waste air pollution. It is believed that with the wisdom of human brain, the coating industry will eventually move towards a real low-carbon road

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