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How to use the station to develop business

I. promote the corporate image

1 New image

in this competitive digital information age, it is urgent for enterprises to establish their own stations. No matter large, medium and small enterprises, they must not be eliminated by the times. Therefore, the construction station is the standard for enterprises to grasp the pulse of the times and measure whether they keep up with the times. Smart operators know and are good at using the most advanced media - Internet to establish corporate image and promote corporate products. The establishment of enterprise stations is an important way for enterprises to show their strength and seek development in the enterprise stage of the network era. Enterprises express their product information and services through simple, elegant and distinctive pages, and timely and comprehensively accept users' information query and feedback

2. A large amount of information

a brochure can reach dozens of pages at most, but the station can reach hundreds of thousands of pages. For example, when introducing a project, we can put up oneortwo photos and a short text introduction on the brochure at most, but we can introduce the project background, technical difficulties, construction conditions, etc. in detail on the station. This effect is obviously much better than the brochure

3. Update timely

for example, when an enterprise receives a new large or influential project, it usually seldom reprints the brochures immediately, but the results are unsatisfactory. It usually takes a year or more to replace the brochures. When many people see the brochures, not only do they have more customers, the architecture has changed, and even the address has changed. This is a pity, but the station can be updated every day (or even updated at any time), It can reflect the latest situation of your enterprise

4. Requirements of the new era

give customers a strong impression. If a large enterprise doesn't even have a station or does poorly, it will give customers the impression that it is not a modern enterprise, but an enterprise that can't keep up with the situation. If the station is well done, customers will feel that the enterprise has advanced leadership awareness, leading technology, scientific and intelligent management, and customers feel completely different and have a much higher degree of trust

5. Creating a brand

station can improve the popularity and brand of an enterprise. After a period of Internet boom, although many people criticize the Internet economy, its role in improving the popularity and brand of enterprises is obvious to all, such as Sohu, Sina, Yi, etc. they have made their brand as long as billions of people's dollars with the help of Internet. Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene has been widely used in the automotive industry

6. Rich means

show the background, scale and current operation of the enterprise through the company profile, organizational structure and corporate culture, which is very important for domestic and foreign buyers to understand the basic situation of the company. Through e-mail, electronic business cards, three-dimensional product demonstration, 360 degree surround effect and other means to show the style of enterprises and products

II. Expand transactions

1 Make full use of network resources

internet is a powerful tool, which can easily send product or service information to every corner of the world at a low cost. All customers around the world can understand that the plastics industry in Changping Town is mainly engineering plastics and modified plastics through the station. The Internet has connected a considerable number of people, enterprises, institutions and governments, and is developing towards a broader scope. Internet is developing at a geometric progression speed in China. Therefore, no enterprise should be outside the Internet, which will be divorced from the most basic resource and environment for enterprise development: human society

2. No space-time restrictions

the station has no space-time restrictions and can communicate anytime, anywhere. If there is no environment, you can also download the station to a laptop for offline demonstration, or make it into a CD and distribute it to customers. In fact, most of the popular CD-ROM business cards in the society are installed with enterprise stations, which are convenient, practical and powerful

3. Interaction with customers

enterprises set up stations to recruit technical personnel from Jinan testing machine factory, an information consulting station, and assign special personnel to be on duty to provide information services. It can establish real-time, special or individual information exchange channels with the outside. Some enterprises publish e-mail addresses on the site, enabling customers to express their opinions to the enterprise through e-mail. Because of the fast delivery speed of e-mail, enterprises can quickly get customer information and reply in time. Some enterprise stations contact customers in the form of BBS or bulletin boards. Customers can express their opinions, and can also see other customers' information and previous information. It can enable customers to comprehensively and objectively understand the enterprise and its services and products. And because it is a direct dialogue, it can enhance feelings

4. Two way communication

it is a real two-way communication that transcends time and space. When customers see the intention of further negotiation after the enterprise station, they can contact immediately, effectively retaining customers who have "purchase impulse" and increasing the probability of success. In addition, customers' opinions or suggestions on the company can also be collected through the station

5. Tapping new customers

stations can help enterprises find potential customers, but brochures can do nothing. By means of search engines, site links and so on, you can spread your company's information to all parts of the world and find potential customers for you

6. Take the initiative to seize the opportunity

it is the necessity of the development of the times. If any enterprise wants to keep up with the trend of the times, it must do so as soon as possible. In order not to be preempted by competitors to build stations and not to fall behind the trend of the times, the necessity of building stations should be considered

7. Advertising

enterprises can use their own or others' pages to advertise on. Some professional network service providers (called ISPs, i.e. network service providers) set up large information service systems (called ISPs) to collect information on the Internet and provide advertising services to enterprises. Advertisements on the Internet are usually pasted on the ISP page with a striking graphic, through which more and more specific advertising information can be linked, and the amount of information can be very large. The enterprise station itself is an advertisement. Some enterprises set up their own pages or set up their own stations to centralize the enterprise information, classify and column it for easy browsing. All the famous enterprises in modern society have set up their own pages or stations on

8. E-commerce

e-commerce is the general trend of economic development in the future. The goal is to realize the networking and electronization of transaction information, such as using e-money, opening stores, conducting business negotiations and signing contracts with e-signatures. Enterprises usually join an industry association or business station on the to become members or members. Publish supply and demand information on Trade Association stations or commercial stations, obtain relevant policy and market information, and enjoy other services. From the point of view of sales, enterprises can reduce the intermediate links of transactions and reduce costs. The enterprise station can also be expanded into a sales and pre-sales and after-sales consulting service center

III. improve internal efficiency

1 Improve efficiency

the station can also help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce intermediate links, standardize management and reduce management costs. Such examples abound. China has Haier and Lenovo, and the United States has Cisco and Dell. Through global network management, they really get the benefits of improving efficiency and reducing costs. With the low communication cost of the Internet, the unified and open technology platform, and the simple and practical front-end interface (browser), enterprises can put their internal management applications on the top, so as to achieve real low-cost and efficient enterprise management. At present, the release of a large number of Internet based application software, such as purchase, sales and inventory management, financial management, customer management, etc., just shows this point: with the help of these software applications, with the help of Internet, enterprises and branches, enterprises and customers, enterprises and suppliers, enterprises and the government have established unprecedented close ties, bringing tangible benefits to enterprises

2. The application of distributed management

interconnection is first and foremost an extension of traditional software applications. If an enterprise works in a building, in order to improve work efficiency, it is OK to use a local area. If the management scope of this system covers branches, franchised stores, chain stores and online stores across the country, then this network application is an extension of the management software function

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