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How does Internet launch three rounds of impact on traditional media

the rise of Internet media has impacted on traditional media one after another. Each time, it has not finally led to the demise of traditional media, but in fact, it has had a far-reaching impact on traditional media in different key areas and to different degrees

what are the impacts of Internet media on traditional media

borrowing several popular keywords of Internet development, Here, the impact of Internet on traditional media is summarized as 1 "To maintain growth in the three stages of transformation and upgrading: 0, 2.0 and 3.0, please correct me.

shock wave 1.0 era: the rise of network channels and UGC Jinan experimental machine can accurately test the required data

in this era, the rise of Internet portal and Internet portal Sina has impacted the traditional media from the perspective of communication media and the dominance of communication channels, and the direct results are as follows: Two, one is to change the original so-called mass media into traditional media unconsciously, and the other is to break the monopoly of mass media in communication channels and forcibly open up a new digital communication channel that belongs to the public, can be counted, quantified and interactive

the typical characteristics of this era can be described as a torrential rain. The sudden impact once caught the traditional media unprepared, and also made them choose to deal with the challenge by means of joint blocking. Finally, they failed to resist the trend of history. They also learned the practice of Internet media and started the exploration of new media for traditional media. The so-called traditional media and new media departments have been established one after another, The continuous rise of media stations

if the impact on the monopoly position of traditional media channels is shock wave 1.0, then Internet products such as forums, blogs, microblogs, etc. through the UGC model, the major Internet giants (led by the four portals) make use of the power of cognitive surplus and the advantages of the platform, The challenge to the status of traditional media content producers can be summarized as the shock wave 1.5 era

at this stage, Internet media broke through the dominant position of content production of traditional media under the guidance of the concepts of interaction, interaction, user center and UGC, and turned traditional media into its own content supplier, and it is not a major supplier yet. With the increase in the number and quality of UGC content, it gradually liberated the grass-roots class, which has been suppressed by specialization for a long time, and exploded with amazing strength, It has achieved the absolute core media status and influence of Internet media, and the statements of the fourth media and the fifth media have gradually become a popular and social consensus

to summarize the basic characteristics of the shock wave 1.0 (including) 1.5 era, Internet media has affected the status of media as a business subject in terms of professionalism and channel influence from the business level. In fact, it has not touched the part of traditional media as the core status of enterprise attribute management. In other words, it has not fundamentally affected the basic advertising revenue of its business model, In other words, the degree of impact is far less fierce than that on the business level. Perhaps the traditional media should be grateful (wry smile), but after one round of impact, another round of impact in the chemical industry will follow

the era of shock wave 2.0: the dual loss of advertisers and content talents

with the impact and impact of Internet on the monopoly of traditional media channels and the dominant position of content production, the communication influence of traditional media in the society as a media identity gradually weakens after long-term operation; In addition, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the Internet industry, which has entered people's lives, has carefully developed independently designed grinding plate extruders and services to capture more audiences, which has gradually made the status of Internet in people's minds become prominent, so that it has greatly occupied the status of traditional media in their minds. The direct consequence of this impact is that as an advertiser who keenly observes people's preferences, Shift its focus from traditional media for the first time

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